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  1. Along with the lack of having a fat lip and contorted nose at the police station, his face looks fatter in the photo taken at the police station than the one taken in the police car. The pic taken by Meade — notice that GZ’s nostriles (sp?) are uneven.


      • and they are both fake as hell just the same! O’money ought to be a shamed for trying to introduce this bull $hit in a court as proof that this “MURDERER” sustained a broken nose at the hands of Trayvon’s hands, especially since he had none of the ‘MURDERERS” DNA on his hands. i’m sick of George Zimmerman and his defense team right along with his family.

  2. Beard looks thicker and slightly longer on right, jacket is zipped up on right, but the pic on the left is taken from a lower vantage point than the one on the right. I’m sure the swelling in Meade’s photo was due to a welt (skin swelling), not a broken nasal bone which would have remained swollen. Perhaps his nose was stung by the hot shell casing?

  3. why would the state photo shop this pic? they are taking at 2 different times. Your logic fails the idiot test.

  4. Shannon, are you able to read the computer screen in the background?
    Thanks in any case, you have made quite a discovery.

  5. To think the squad car pic was @7:25, then the emt guys went to work on him @ 7:40 and the police station @11:21. Those emt guys perform miracles! realign, reduce swelling, hell maybe a little plastic surgery all in couple of hours! Ha!

  6. ummm the police department have to cover their tracks duh, you know some police departments are as evil as the killer!!! i don’t believe it, his nose would have had a bruise on it. it is a lie and the police department should be investigated by the FBI…how many more do u think they covered up!!! hmmmm really makes me wonder. i think the FBI better get a move on it!

    • We think the FBI did look into it and that’s why it was just recently released to defense. But the FBI doesn’t have to tell the defense what they found out until they bring charges. And I agree, it makes me wonder what other tricks the SPD has pulled on others. I hope all the bullshit from GZ’s case has cracked open the SPD.

    • You know I was thinking the same thing about the bruises! Even if the swelling goes down in an hour, GZ should be bruised pretty apparently in those pics at the station. I mean if you get injured so bad your nose enlarges to the size of an orange you’d think there would be some visible broken blood vessels left over?! Or some discoloration, redness?!? What caused the swelling if not for tissue damage and broken blood vessels?!

      Nothing, there is no broken nose. There’s barely a scratch.

  7. You all are nuts. The photo on the right was released by the prosecution as part of the 9th supplemental discovery. It has been in their possession for months. Photoshopping is detectable to anyone with some basic photoshop skills. If the photo was altered, the prosecution probably would have noticed by now. Ask yourself how rabidly single-minded you have to be to convince yourself that this is a photoshop.

    Also, to the idiot who thinks that the swelling isn’t from a broken nose, shell casings don’t do that. I’ve had them fall into sleeves and shirt collars and hit me in the face.

  8. @f2000

    The photo was taken by LEO Wagner of SPD. The night of 2/26/12. Serino didn’t have a picture of the accused. Wagner forgot he had it. He transfered the picture form his phone to his dept issued laptap. He erased the original phone photo once he transfered the data to the laptop. A copy of that photo was then downloaded for Serino. This was approx three weeks after the killing of Trayvon Martin. In the ongoing investigation SPD handed over all their evidence to State Attorney Corey and Bernie De La Rionda. By law and discovery rules whatever evidence that the State has must be turned over to the defense. The black and white photo was in the first discovery dump. That is not to say the state was going to use that particular photo. In fact I believe the state was doing research on the photo. Checking if was photoshopped. They don’t have to let the defense know their work product. O’mara is the idiot for not checking the photo before putting it on their website. Now the world can see in color that GZ was not bloodied to a pulp. That photo was taken @ 7:25. Emt did not adminster care, meaning he was not cleaned up until 7:40. For a person who was suppose to be beat within an inch of his life, doesn’t match to the photo.His vital signs all normal. No loss of consciousness. He was taken to the cop shop and photograph @11:41. Emt Kev @ the bond hearing said there was 45% blood on his face when he seen him. That photo proves otherwise. The photos from the copshop show otherwise. No swelling No bleeding. No nothing. So before you start calling people names, do your research. All this information is the discovery dumps.

    • And another thing, the photo was in SPD hands for weeks before the state got it. Anything could of been done to it BEFORE it got to the STATE oF FLorida. Its not the State’s job to do O’mara’s work.

  9. Um both photos mean nothing here. one is aimed upward from a low angle the other from a high angle, with literally hours of separation between one and the other this proves nothing

    • That doesn’t explain the lack of swelling in the later photo. In case you didn’t know, broken noses swell, a LOT. And they usually keep swelling for the first 24-48 hours. This photo proves that someone dallied around with it, there’s no way that Georgie’s nose swelling would have subsided in 5 hours.

  10. This photo is definitely photo shopped or GZ healed within hours. Notice the laceration on the bridge of his nose. In the first photo it lines up with his tear ducts or the corners of his eyes while in the second photo the laceration is lower. Actually, in the second photo there is a definite line on the bridge of the nose where the laceration should be, however whoever photo shopped the picture was unable to find a nose that lined up, therefore moved the laceration down further.

    • lololol i know, they at least should found him a matching honker!!

      PS. Don’t forget the hearing today at 9 am eastern
      a lot of stations are covering it. but i like to watch it live streaming on line so i don’t deal with commercials

      HLN and InSession are owned by CNN so i wacth on the CNN website on my phone and computer. I’ve gotta be out for the 1st 10 – 15 min so i’m readying my phone on the CNN app. see ya ,, bring popcorn!

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