Blushed Brown posted this Video on Prof. Leatherman’s blog yesterday of GZ

I haven’t seen the whole thing yet but the beginning shows GZ whining about his #NotSoGraphicBooBoos. i think the rest is bond hearing II? @BlushedBrown, if you get a chance, do comment on what you wanted to point out on this video…

Notice there’s a miraculous recovery the very next day from his *so-called-broken-nose* i mean how do you have a cracked nose but you are breathing perfectly, speaking with no problem and no bandages from the EMTs immediately afterwards and the next day not one black eye? But most unusual i think is where did that all that swelling go? I’ve never heard of this in my life. Now i’m not saying there’s never been a non symptomatic broken nose in the history of the world, but damn, what makes GZ so special?? was this god’s plan?

9 thoughts on “Blushed Brown posted this Video on Prof. Leatherman’s blog yesterday of GZ

  1. @Shannon,
    Thank you so much for inviting me to comment on this video.
    At the very beginning of this video, you will see Mark Osterman accompanied by a black female and child. Interesting that this young lady and child were at the reenactment video. Was that for effect? Was that at the suggestion of Mark Osterman, who has been with Zimmerman throughout his ordeal. IMO, I thought it was in poor taste to ask someone of color to be in this video, to try and protray that, YES WE KNOW BLACK PEOPLE and they are willing to stand in this video. SEE WE ARE NOT RACIST! Doesn’t really add up to the masses of black people that GZ knows, as stated by Osterman in a interview. He said, George knows lots of black people, we would have marches as big as Trayvon Martin with all the people GZ knows. I paraphrase that, but you get the idea.
    Moving forward into the video, O’mara presents into EVIDENCE, the black and white photo of GZ.
    I noted that with all O’mara’s bitching and moaning about having a color photo, he was more then happy to use a black and white for this bond hearing. Discovery rules dictate that the state must turn over any evidence that was given to them and hand it over to O’mara. The State did so. The state DID NOT according to O’mara hand over a digital color photo. Is it because they were doing their job and checking out that the digital copy from Wagner’s personal phone. This is the officer who claims he FORGET he had a picture. Some three weeks later he comes up with it. Plenty of time to photoshop it. This has been discussed heavily on blogs all over. Most of us have come to the point where we believe that it is photoshopped. Meta data can be changed. Nostrils can be changed. Blood amounts can be changed. See link for Whonoze’s anaylsis of photo.
    I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me by O’mara entering into evidence, not the state, the burden of that photo being TRUE is on him. The state only handed over what they had. If O’mara didn’t due his job and check it out. That’s on him. The state does not work for O’mara. It is very possible that the photo is no good. Who gets the kick in the balls, if it is not real. Wagner? O’mara? GZ? Certainly not the state. They did what the law said, hand it over, that they did.
    Lets move further on into the video at about 8:24. In the video where West interviews the EMT Kevin O’Rourke. Primary care started @ 7:40 per discovery documents, the picture was taken @ 7:25 per discovery documents. Remember these times. Listen forward from 9:00. He said he observed blood on his face and back of his head.@about 9:17 O’rourke says the wounds were not bleeding and we just cleaned him up. He also said that he would say 45% of head & face was covered with blood. HUH! If that picture was taken @ 7:25 and primary care started @ 7:40, where did all the blood go! Where is this 45%! I Know 45% is close to 50%, meaning that HALF of GZ face according to O’Rourke should be COVERED by blood. I hope that Mr. O’Rourke EMT skills are better then his math skills, but I suggest he go back to Math Class. @about 9:17 O’rourke says the wounds were not bleeding and we just cleaned him up.
    This interview of O’Rourke, does two things, that dispute serious bodily harm, I can think of right off the top of my head.
    1) The lack of blood and or injury contained in the photo described by O’Rourke’s account (45%).
    2) The time in which the photo was taken
    @7:25 show very little blood and very little swelling.
    @7:40 care is adminstered, O’Rourke said he WASN”T bleeding when he got to him.
    So for about 20 -25 minutes, the Shooter, the killer of Trayvon Martin is sitting in a back of police car, not bleeding profusely as stated by council, no broken nose indicated by photo or medical reports, just sitting there. No ride to the hospital. REFUSED transport to hospital at the scene and THREE more times at the cop shop. And AGAIN when he saw his own doctor who recommended he be seen by ENT(Ear,Nose,Throat), again REFUSED.
    Are we to believe O’Rourke? Are we to believe a photo of nonexistent injuries? Are we to believe that a grown man, with barely a scratch on his little nose and a scratch less then 1/2 inch and another about 1/4 inch on the back of his head, warrants a Hollow Point to the chest of a unarmed black kid walking home?
    Finally @ about 50:50 into the video, O’mara says this and I am parphrasing “The state has some witness that says that they SAW him (GZ) challenging his client. Note that the Bernie de la Rionda did not answer, challenge, or affirmed, or deny that. GOOD JOB BERNIE!! Never let the other side know what you got. O’mara can do his own work. In my own mind I take that statement from O’mara to mean this. There is a WITNESS that may of seen this thing from the very beginning. They may have seen GZ trying to hold onto Trayvon @ the “T”. Or maybe arguing with him @ the “T”. By O’mara carefully wording his words to say “challenging”, to me means, The state has some witness that saw GZ CONFRONTING Trayvon, not the other way around as GZ claims. Note that in the 9th Discovery a witness of 8 years old is said to have seen the whole thing. Law enforcement tried a canvas again to look for her, but to no avail. That doesn’t mean she ain’t out there!
    I am so sorry for the long post, but I hope that you will find my observations of this hearing useful.

    • One other thing I learned today. Mark O’mara DID NOT SUBMIT the color photo into evidence at yesterday’s hearing. Per Mr Leatherman’s explanation to me was that each time there is a hearing him, Mr. O’mara has an oppurtunity to enter the COLOR PHOTO into evidence. Mr. O’mara just waved it around for the cameras. Which was despicable to say the least. Please note that even his own attorney questions the authenticity of that color photo , if not enter the photo into evidence Mr. O’mara. I DARE YOU!

      • wow, very interesting! i had no idea omar didn’t enter it into evidence.. sounds like he knows it isn’t real. if it is why in the world wouldn’t he, it’s not like he hasn’t made copies!! he probably has them poster sized hanging all over his office!! it helps him pretend as if he’s got a case! this wil be interesting.

        btw, i did notice the token black friends Mark O brought with! that’s really unbelievable! because i did notice in anouther tape of the reinactment, there were a couple of black people walking around, but i didn’t think they were hanging with them.

        but in your video did you hear Omar say that the photo he was entering into evidence then was from a video taken at the scene BY a witness!! Bernie kept saying they’ve already seen them, as Omar over dramatically placed GZ’s none-medical report and pics into evidence in front of Judge Lester. So i wanna know what pics he was waving around then?

      • The picture from the back seat of the cop car is by Officer Wagner. He took it with his iPhone. There were no digital cameras available for him to use. The back of the head shot came from witness 13 IIRC. He took three pictures in total. One of the back of his head. Two the tactical flashlight. Three the dead body of Trayvon Martin.

  2. i thought the witness took 2 pics, one of gz’s face and one of Trayvon’s body! that’s why i’ve been super upset with that guy! so your saying he took two of the flashlight? that sounds rather stupid. like who gives a shit about a flashlight? i’m gonna have to look into this b/c that seems bazaar especially since i’m so confused! detective shannon is on the case!

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