Angela Corey Announces murder 2 charges against GZ

I just watched this for the 2nd time yesterday (thanks to *Snarky* Jd 😉 ).

I believe Corey makes it perfectly clear GZ is going down, face first. This is a display of the power and strength of the United States Government.
This team of State law enforcement officials and State Prosecutors – and all of them certainly didn’t have to be there- is a team of superpowers assembled for the sole purpose to crush GZ! It’s great to see our tax dollars hard at work once in awhile. Can you think of an asshole more deserving of this special treatment?

He was already in custody when this went live. But maybe, just maybe, he had made it to a police station and they gave him some more of that special treatment he deserves by letting him watch it??? Can you imagine how scared that coward was when he saw this??


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