and now this

this is what i just finished reading. please have a look if you haven’t.

and then if you can stomach it, try the USA Today rag here

I’ll be tweeting this bitch who wrote it and everyone else who i can find that allowed this kind of shit to torture Trayvon’s family even more!


5 thoughts on “and now this

  1. Not sure if this the right place to post, but you can move it where ever you like Shannon.

    Here it goes.

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    Loree on December 8, 2012 at 12:17 am said:

    I have a timestamp error at the time he left 7-11. Please forgive.
    I need a stronger prescription on my glasses. Ha!

    I have put this together to see if we can get a picture going here.
    From the Beginning
    Chapter One

    Trayvon leaves the 7-11 presmises @6:30 He actually finished his transaction earlier @6:24 and left the store. He waited outside until the other kid bought the Black & Mild. The reason I say this is if you know teenagers, and if you know weed smokers, when they quit or do not have any weed they smoke Black & Milds. I know this because, I know weed smokers, and my sister who is a weed smoker, would buy Black & Milds when she didn’t have any weed.They are little cigars that burn real slow. They last longer then cigarettes, and not expensive like cigarettes. If you go back to the 7-11 video @ 6:23:13 you will see Trayvon ask for one you don’t actually hear him ask for one, but you can tell he did by the actions of the clerk raising his hand back towards the back of him where the cigarettes are located shaking his head no. Meaning no I can’t sell you a Black & Mild. @6:23:56 he answers his phone. He says Hello, softly at first. This you can hear. He says Hello again a little louder @ 6:23:59. You hear his voice clearer, louder. DeeDee calls. He exits @6:24:40. Trayvon is still outside talking on the phone. The other three enter. You will hear one of them ask the clerk for two Milds, then he asked for another one to make it three. Even though there was three guys, I believe he ask for the other Mild for Trayvon that was still outside the store when they were purchasing these items. As soon as the kid goes outside, then you see Trayvon walk past the window @ 6:29:22. Considering it wasn’t raining yet, he didn’t need to stand there and talk on the phone for six minutes. He could talk to DeeDee while he walked. I believe he waited for the Black & Mild. This will be mentioned again later. His actually time of leaving the store premises should be around 6:30.

    I will post Chapter Two as soon as I get some more info and your thoughts on this chapter. Tweaking always tweaking.
    I would appreciate any ideas comments or suggestions.

    Tweaking, I am always tweaking.

    • i’m so glad you posted the audio with this video. i studied the video w/o audio months ago ( i didn’t know they had one with the sound!!)
      so i just listened over and over and i’m not so sure he didn’t ask about the bathroom. see if you hear him say bathroom twice and the clerk kinda waves backwards or shakes his hand as if ‘back there’ or ‘no, it’s not working’.

      i also assumed after someone had said something about the black & milds, that he was asking for one too.. but when i just heard this for the first time a couple days ago when you first posted it, i thought it might be bathroom. as this was the first time ever hearing it, it just hit me like that… then again it also seems reasonable that he could of gotten one from those other kids.

      but then if you watch the guys you can hear the one who’s first up to pay asking for 2, then it seems like he’s asking another guy if he wants one or something.
      but he definitely says ‘black & mild’ and talks about the flavors. it’s a second or so later when he’s digging for money, the other guy comes up and says ‘you short?’ and throws down money on the counter. so i tend to think if Tray was asking them to buy him one he would of given the guy the money.

      idk, obviously it makes absolutely no fucking difference if he got one or not, it’s just it’s so amazing to hear his voice for the first time after all this time!
      and what a cute voice he has talking to DD!? he’s so precious isn’t he?? if i was a teenager i’d think he was cute!! LOLO

  2. whether he smoked a black and mild is irrelevant and you are making assumptions based on nothing. you making stuff up with out nothing to back it up and none of which has anything to do with him being killed.

    • @Kelly, i know where your coming from. we are in the protective mode when it comes to ANYTHING about Trayvon! i’d say the majority of us are acting like mother hens around and about him because he’s been so fucking abused by the POS zimmerlovers ( notwithstanding being murdered by the main POS ) but please believe no one here is saying anything derogatory about him smoking anything.
      He’s a kid and if he wanted to smoke a cigar that’s what he’s going to do! before my mom was killed I snuck cigarettes out of my mom’s purse when i was 14-15!
      and after she died i started smoking pot. since then i smoked pot every day of my life up until i got pregnant with my baby six years ago. so for years i smoked pot and never robbed a bank, became a drug dealer, or moved on to other drugs. so in these united states kids smoking pot once in awhile does not a thug make!

      i’ll say this though, because of the minuscule amount of the specific elements in his blood that could be anything, including a poppy seed bagel, there really isn’t enough info there or i should say the lack of info could be that he hadn’t smoked pot in months or it could’ve merely been from second hand. so i don’t think he was a real pot smoker. more likely he’d have a puff with friends who had some.

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