Lonnie Starr said …

Lonnie Starr
January 7, 2013 at 8:59 am

Like everything else GZ says, this too is an obvious lie. We’re just entertaining ourselves by repeating it and wasting our time, theorizing “what if it were true?”. Obviously it isn’t true and it cannot be true. So, something else has to be true and we need to focus on what that could be.

GZ is a bar bouncer, a “muscle” for hire and a person with a history of violence! He is not afraid to engage total strangers with physical violence. He’s on record for attacking a LEO, without knowing who he was. He could, for example, have been attacking “Rambo” or “Rocky”, he didn’t know and he had no fear that this might be the case! So, then, what fear could he have had, of attacking a tall thin youth? The answer is, much, much less fear, than what he didn’t have, when attacking the stranger who turned out to be a LEO.

So, in summary, the only reasonable interpretation of the evidence is, Trayvon, who doesn’t engage in combat and does not disrespect adults, was scared and under the control of the vicious, violent and angry GZ, from the time they came close enough to make contact.

GZ grabbed Trayvon, since Trayvon was afraid of GZ, he would not try to grab GZ, but would try to get beyond GZ’s reach. If they fell to the ground, it was GZ’s doing that put them there. If Trayvon wasn’t pinned down, he would have tried to get up and run. If he didn’t get up and run away, it’s only because GZ prevented it.

There is no way to suppose that Trayvon was strong enough to prohibit or retard any motion GZ desired to make. There is no way that GZ was not strong enough to prohibit and retard any motion that Trayvon tried to make.

Martial artists have said that the person yelling is not fighting or has stopped fighting. While a person with a firearm has no reason to stop fighting and yell. Because, it is the purpose of the firearm to provide an offense or defense depending.

GZ is never confronted by TM with any weapon. TM never attempts to interfere with GZ’s actions, except to try to get away. Trayvon fails to get away from GZ and GZ decides to aim and fire his weapon. The shot taken reveals that GZ was holding TM with one hand, while he was operating his weapon with the other. That means that TM was not putting up any resistance at all, while GZ was taking aim and firing his weapon. Because, if TM was putting up any effective resistance at all, GZ could not have devoted one hand to holding onto Trayvon’s clothing. He would have needed that hand for defense.

Conclusion: GZ fired his weapon into the heart and lungs of a helpless child who was standing still in terrorized fear for his life.
As such, GZ should be removed from society as a menace, for as long as the law can provide.

Lonnie describes GZ’s mentality and murderous actions that night perfectly. I’ve come to these same conclusions too but i couldn’t explain it this well! So i wanted to document this for posterity.

There’s another point Lonnie makes about the fight and the screams and i’m going to ask him to post it here- unless i can find where he first wrote it on Prof.Leatherman’s blog. But it made so much sense to me and will to anyone else who doesn’t know the slightest about fighting. I really want the jury to understand this too.


Here is the post i was talking about..
Martial Artist explains why it CANNOT be zimmerman on the 911 calls begging and screaming for help, like his lying brother and fucking nasty father insist!!

http://tinyurl.com/apo5oc9 thank you Lonnie!


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