Here’s a little taste of GZ’s violent past. And i mean just a LITTLE taste, because there’s so much more.

Later we’ll discuss and compare zimmerman’s criminal past with Trayvon Martin’s…Oh wait, Trayvon never had a criminal past!

Oh well, i guess we’re stuck with zimmerman’s past since he’s the one on trial for the violent murder of an unarmed minor who had no violent history at all.

BTW. I couldn’t help but notice as i read this *teeny tiny blurb* Orlando Sentinel- no doubt begrudgingly wrote, on one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of this case, Jeff Weiner couldn’t help but counter each accusation that GZ’s victim made with endless excuses on GZ’s behalf! It’s almost as if he had GZ on the phone while he was writing it!


Trayvon Martin: New details in George Zimmerman domestic-violence petitions

By Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel 7:33 p.m. EST, March 21, 2012
Newly available documents reveal conflicting accounts of a violent relationship in the past of George Zimmerman, the Sanford man who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month. The court records concern a conflict between Zimmerman and his ex-fiancée, who filed a petition accusing Zimmerman of pushing her during an argument at her Orlando home in August 2005.
The woman reported Zimmerman had arrived at her home Aug. 8 and asked to talk. Later, when she asked him to leave, she said, he insisted on staying and demanded documents she had. The woman said she offered to drop the papers off the following day, but Zimmerman became upset, took her cellphone and shoved her. A fight ensued, she said, and her dog bit Zimmerman’s cheek. Zimmerman filed his own petition the day after his ex-fiancée’s, in which he claimed that she had been the aggressor in the fight. He said she called him Aug. 8 and invited him to spend the night. He said he declined to stay overnight, and his ex accused him of leaving to see another woman or to “party” with his friends. Zimmerman accused the woman in his petition of cursing at and striking him, and said she refused to give him documents, including mortgage papers and car-loan documents, that belonged to him. He said she caused the wounds to his face that she blamed on her dog. Both Zimmerman and his ex-fiancée reported in their petitions that the fight wasn’t the first incident of violence between them. The ex-fiancée reported that Zimmerman had “open handed smacked” her in the mouth and berated her during an argument in January 2003. In November 2002, Zimmerman claimed his ex had assaulted him with a baseball bat after he went to a concert without her. The same month, the woman said, Zimmerman became angry when she came home later than usual one night. He began groping her and “said he could because I was his woman,” she wrote. Protective injunctions were later ordered in response to both petitions. Both injunctions expired Aug. 24, 2006. Reached by the Sentinel via email Tuesday, the woman would not comment.


3 thoughts on “Here’s a little taste of GZ’s violent past. And i mean just a LITTLE taste, because there’s so much more.

  1. To know that GZ is a woman abuser is not shocking in the least,I believe he has carried on this way all his Life,I also think the women haven’t stood behind their claims of abuse out of fear of GZ, continues reports of domestic abuse and assault prior to Trayvon’s unjustified death seems to be a pattern in the way he dealt with everyone, his own parent’s had little or nothing to do with him prior to Trayvon’s death,I believe he has aways been a problen from school days right on up. with all girlfriends he has assaulted to pulling a gun on Shellie. I do believe George’s father Robert Zimmerman has always used his influence as a judge to keep George out of trouble, I have read that George applied for a job in LE,which he was denied, rightfully so.I can’t imagine how terrified Taryvon was the night he was murdered, just a young man walking home from the store with a Arizona ice tea and skittles, wearing his hoody up because of rain, then encountering George who no doubt started an altercation and then shot Trayvon,then to be found not guilty? My heart broke for Trayvon and his family ,injustice ? absolutely ! my only peace is knowing Trayvon is in heaven and that while GZ got away with murder here, He will stand before our Lord and pay the highest price, eternity in hell.where he deserves to be,My heartfelt condolences to the Family, to his beautiful Mother, his couragous Father and brother, to the black community who have suffered so many indignities in the past year’s from racial injustice and all the ignorance and hateful whites who have slandered Trayvon and his people, I am a white woman with a son,I do not pretend to understand your pain but know that I am so disgusted with my own race for their arrogance and racism and bigotry, again I am so disgusted,,RIP Trayvon Benjamin Martin,,,sincerely Sandra …

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