11 thoughts on “incase you wanna see the 46 911 calls zimmerman made while at RTL

  1. Shannon….hi there. I thought I was fairly done with reading the oodles of blogs I have been banned from…oops just one blog…Fred Leatherman’s. But as I was clearing out my email spam folder I couldn’t help but take a peak at the goings on since my name is still being peed on. Racerrodig does not like me for shit. I would say to whoever he/she is …funny to see shit calling others shit….just a thumbs up, as an indicator of bullshit bullying. Bullying…wow it seems there is a bit of that going on over there. Glad to be a non-combatant in that little squabble. I just wanted to give you 2 food for thoughts. 1.) The bogus iPhone photo’s from Wagner and witness 13…or whoever….On or about March 20th both cop and witness suddenly realized they had taken photo’s of morons boo boo’s. Both had downloaded these photo’s to laptops. Wagner is a peculiar additive because he remembers in March when he claims T Smith said they did not have any photo’s of Z’s injuries…..but alas he remembered I have photo’s!!!…..ask yourself how this works except in an alternate universe. Are we to believe all the photo’s from (allegedly) the police station that night well you understand what this implies. I believe they can’t have it both ways. 2.) There seems to be confusion about a SYG hearing. No jurors for SYG, and there will be no rolling that into the actual trial. SYG is a stand alone hearing in front of the Judge. The Judge determines if SYG applies, it does not. Any rolling of anything into the actual Murder2 trial will be rolling in that pig of a client. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. And should Fred take a look he made a bad decision and furthered an unsubstantiated outrageous rumor about me. I am deeply offended.

    • i’d be offended too. and you know when he finds out he’s wrong about something he admits it. but I still haven’t seen what happen. where is it?
      hey do you see my messages right? because for some reason it says *MY* OWN comment is awaiting moderation! LOLOLLO
      but I see it right here?!LMAO
      I’m getting so confused with all the messages coming to my email and then little comments here and there I can’t remember where!!!

      • Shannon you crack me up…awaiting moderation…priceless!! I got your message in my email but spam folder, it seems to be currently an upside down world yeah? I shall return to that message and unblock it or whatever it is I am supposed to do. I think I was able to take down my blog page which I hated to do. But after being accused of being a troll and an impostor from the (gag) conservative treehouse (I don’t like typing that because you never know where they hang like bats) I feel I should not have to take away my personal photo and let’s be real what can those pricks do to me. I have survived greater then those imbeciles can fathom. Maybe I just do not understand where Fred is coming from. After the OS GetGeorge75 experience I was saddened to see they could just spam your photo and user name (nice touch Rene) so I finally posted to Professor Leatherman’s blog and he welcomed me and told me it was important to not change our identities etc. he had experienced the same thing. The day he banned me, He told off some guy then reversed his opinion about me later in the day. I was paranoid I might be posting somewhere that benefited GZ I stand by my posts, It
        would be nice to see Fred stand by me.

      • Shannon, Imagine this…after I left you my last message I saw on my T.V. Jose Baez….on Dr. Phil. Weird weird weird. Although I did not take much of an interest in the Casey Anthony case I realize many did and felt incredibly betrayed by the verdict. Please let Xena know I am with her on the ATM purchases in Cambridge MD. I do not remember them being at a KFC When I looked into it they were drawn from an ATM at Eastern Shore…bank? Not certain of the name but it might interest her to know this particular bank/credit union went belly up on 4-27-12. I believe there was a hearing and a check written to O’Mara on or about this date.

      • Shannon my posts that rest in moderation please delete and I apologize for being an idiot in expressing them. I am chagrin.

      • hey, OMG cas I watched that too! accidentally I turned to watch Judge judy cas I was sick of watching the 3hole wonder on HLN! lol you know who i’m talkin about right? Jodie arias. this bitch is a pathetic excuse for a ladyplayer!!
        anyway, but I saw jose biaz and of course it made me cranky for a good 2-3 hours. his nasty filthy lying ass makes me ill!

        BTW i’m also getting paranoid about imposters too, and i’m gonna test you! (if you don’t mind) but i mean it in the best way possible because i wanna make sure you and even tho i think you are you, i want to remove any doubt anyone would have when i say who i know you are. ok?

        here’s the test : who was the main asshole on OS that our gang had to deal with? well there were a few, but in the beginning when i first got there, there was one particular zimmerlover that was androgynous ( i couldn’t tell whether they were a male or female LOL) at first they tried to act objective but we knew the deal, and finally they ended up coming completely out of the closet and showed their true disgusting racist colors.

        anyway, i can totally imagine how you feel about what happened so we’ll figure it out.
        and i think once everyone involved (important ones anyway) has their respective paranoia addressed, and make up, because we *are* in a war here and we need ALL our solders to fight, then we need all of us together! ok?

        btw it’s MY comments that say they’re in moderation. yours don’t say that, so i assume they show up! but do you want me to get rid of them anyway?
        i just don’t have time to really sit down and learn who to handle all this blog stuff… but little by little.. i finally learned how to post videos!! LOL

        ok sister, good night see ya tomorrow 🙂

      • Hope this is where to say…. oh shit.. please Shannon I was in the lurk for so long on OS until I saw you sweetie pie and skylight hand them their daily dose…of fuck you….it was magical!!!! I have to say rocky mountain mama the bitch (which could apply to either sex right!!) Die hard freak mama always thought this amoeba had to be george or shellie right. Hope I picked the right door, but remnants of post traumatic stress linger from those days of ….disturbing hell!!!!

  2. Hi Shannon, I have been offline for 4 to 5 days, I need many breaks often. However I notice the continuing trend of using the terminology “Troll” (still going strong on leatherman). It looks bad when you click on a Law Professor Blog and see the terminology of a 13 year old. Just saying….

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