Audio of zimmerman’s cousin telling police he molested her and another girl.

I like to call this picture Trayvon DollFace Martin

I like to call this picture Trayvon DollFace Martin

This is some audio of the cousin gz molested.

She came forward within two days of the murder. Long before media ever heard of Trayvon’s murder, long before any 911 calls were released. And long before this witness would know ANY of the details of the murder!

She also says he did it to someone else who would never tell.

Something to listen for in her statement is the *tense* she uses to describe the actions. When she talks about an individual act, she maintains the same tense “then he put his hands all over me” and ” he made me look at it”. When people are bullshitting they will jump around and say things like ” after that he is kissing me” and ” then he was on top of me”. I’m no linguistics expert but that’s the best way I can explain it now.

So what i’m saying is all these things add up and are consistent with someone telling the truth. That and normal psychologically fit people do not lie about this kind of humiliation! Period!

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