Why keep zimmerman in prison for life?



that’s exactly why gz had that evil smirk on his face all the way until he found himself in Judge Nelson’s courtroom.
but after that first hearing in front of Nelson his smirk hasn’t been seen again.

he stole Trayvon’s life because he likes to believe he’s superior to some people. not all, not most, but some. and that’s another one of his many problems. he honestly knows he’s a nobody, and he resents it. so he really has NO self esteem. except for that night, he certainly thought he was better than and more important than Trayvon Martin.

he thought he could kill this kid and everyone he around him would think he was a big man and at the same time, shower him with various prizes. maybe like a paid position either in the neighborhood or in the police department. but he was also looking forward to people fussing over him and pampering him, as if he actually risked his precious life to protect everyone’s car radio or the forgotten bicycles left outside.

he thought of Trayvon more like a trophy he’d won in a sport competition. the same way those cowardly, inadequate in the bedroom kind of rich assholes who like to go out and hunt exotic, endangered wild animals. like elephants or Bengal tigers.

gz still thinks he should get away with killing an innocent kid. and he has and will continue to do whatever he thinks it will take to make all the non-believers believe!

But I think people like him have no place amongst us. they can’t be cured. and even if they could be cured of a personality disorder like that, they’ve already lost any rights to treatment by the time he’s killed someone. because they didn’t just become an asshole the very day they committed the crime.
and in gz’s case, he had already too many warnings in which he chose to ignore. he should of gotten help
( if there is such a thing ) or learned his lesson, or isolated himself, before he did the irreparable damage to another person and the persons effected by the crime.

so the only fair thing to do is either his family or the government is to put him down. just like we’d do for any suffering animal who’s disease is too far advanced and/or incurable or is a danger to others.

people like gz should be treated the same way! if keeping them locked up is too expensive for their loved ones to pay for then the government could offer to do it for a nominal fee. but we shouldn’t keep people in prison for life just because they didn’t get the death penalty. why keep wasting resources on people who have taken other’s lives like the way gz took Trayvon’s. and especially when they can’t afford to pay their own way.
there’s starving innocent people who actually deserve to be taken care of with those resources wasted on the worthless.

13 thoughts on “Why keep zimmerman in prison for life?

  1. We should switch to keeping people in prison for life, rather than supporting state executions, because the records of states without death penalties worldwide shows that not having a death penalty actually lowers the number of homicides and thus saves lives while the death penalty ensures that even more innocent lives will be lost, because of the higher homicide rate in death penalty states.

  2. Death sentace also means automatic apeal.
    An another apeal often takeing years decades.
    All apeals up to the supreme justices.

    Failing that theres pleas for stays for clemmancey ect.
    An all this is lineing lawers pockets an apeal court judges pockets.

    An secreterys whom type the apeals para legals lineing there pockets.

    Is it any wonder that lawers judges ect are happy with the burdisome over expencive system we have.
    They wont vote against the status quo.
    It would be like turkeys voteing to make every day christmas.

    As things stand evey day is christmas for mant shyster an some lawers

  3. maybe I’ve not made myself clear. My idea is to put convicted murders, like gz, to sleep. period. no appeals. no if ands or butts about it.
    and I’m only talking about killers like gz, who have admittedly and unlawfully killed an innocent person.

    once he’s had his fair trial and found guilty he goes straight to death row. but then there should be a short waiting period though, a couple of months maybe.. but a certain, reasonable amount of time for a special type of appellate lawyer, these are independent of the state, who’s job is to go over all the testimony, evidence and stuff like a double checker who will make sure all the rules were followed and all the T’s were crossed, and the conviction is proper.
    then, when they are all finished with that, the murderer moves on to his final destination. the death row holding cell. and the count down begins.

    so maybe the killer gets about a year or so left to live.
    I personally like the idea that the murderer gets to hurry up and wait for the count down. I think they should get a digital calendar/clock that starts ticking ( and it’s a really annoying sound, and it’s the ONLY sound he gets to have.. a type of sensory psychological torture ) the minute his last hotel’s cell door closes on him! and when he’s not sleeping he can stare at the pictures of the person and their family’s photos that hang on his walls.
    so for the last year or so of his miserable life he can be constantly reminded of who he took from the world.

    I just think it’s better to get rid of them faster and more efficiently, and waste as little resources on them as possible.. and making their family pay for room and board and the execution seems like a decent deterrent too for them too. it would encourage families not to enable people like gz. it would be in their best interest to get gz help instead of covering up for him.
    And if the earlier interventions done by family aren’t enough then they should seek outside help. and there’s a system set up precisely for these circumstances made available to protect the families interest’s and the public.

    but the main point is people who kill innocent people need to forfeit their life too. the moment they decide to take someone’s life away, they should know that their clock starts.
    they shouldn’t be allowed to hog up space in a prison for 25 years, eating drinking, laughing talking. anything! they cannot be allowed to use lawyer tricks to get away with it. they shouldn’t get the right to intimidate and torture victims family or malign the victim and kill them again in a courtroom. and it needs to be clear that when you kill you just killed yourself. it’s your choice, die with it.

    that’s just how i’d handle it if I were in charge!

    • Shannon how about before putting fat ass to his ultimate death, let’s make it a mandatory 24 hours in a cell with you and me. We could be so creative in torturing him….i.e. every time he calls us ma’am we get to hit him with a cattle prod? Of I think we would be very creative. Damn system I think you should have the death penalty applied with the exact method of which you murdered you your victim. But in this case I think the terror should be lengthy and horrendous. But here is my honest opinion of what is going to happen to George in prison he is going to get beat to death so I trust and insist they put him in general population trust me he is not going to make one friend. They will do what the state couldn’t.

      • oh I really hope he gets gen-pop! I can’t imagine they would keep him in solitary the whole time. why should they?
        there are plenty of kid killers that go straight to regular population.

        I imagine gz would want a *private cell* because he sure loved bring attention to the privileges he got in Sanford compared to all the other poor other smucks that just weren’t as special as he was!!
        he called it PROTECTED custody remember, on the jail calls?? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!

        I know they protect some prisoners like cop-killers, informers and gang leaders and especially child molesters. and there’s plenty of kid killers in gen pop. that’s where they belong, amongst the other killers. like with like.

        too bad for him that he decided to make this a racial issue, in so by his own doing manage to piss off 100% of the black race, 100% of the spanish race and 99.9% of the white race! now most of the human race hates him, and it’s his own fault!!!

        and too bad for gz, that the biggest, baddest, maddest, meanest mother fuckers happen to be criminals. and so those representatives of every race are waiting patiently in one of the Florida State penitentiaries, one of the lucky ones will be gz’s new permanent address pretty soon! and I’m sure they are planning, with great anticipation, a special kinda welcome party for gz !

        so what did gz expect? they are his fellow criminals, the same people he’ll be bunking down with 24/7; all up close and personal. oh well, he went and pissed off his own kind of people!
        with luck, maybe he’ll even meet up with someone like Chirs Dorner! we all know what Chris Dorner thought of him! LOL

  4. Shannon your idea makes more sense an death sentances where initialy implimented very swiftly.
    Hangings at the turn of the last century could be as soon as the day after sentance.

    Strangely enough all thease delays an apealls we have now stemmed from some reformers wanting to make a death sentance humane.When gas became an option for killling condemed people as opose hanging fireing sqaud electric chair.
    It was proposed the condemed person would be take in to a special holding cell.
    Unknown to the condemed this cell would be a special cell wich with a few simple seals became airtight.
    At some point dureing his stay he is given a sleeping draught with his supper in a drink .
    An when he is asleep deeply the cell is sealed an gas pumped in.

    Thus avoiding the stress of the condemed being aware of the hours ticking away before his death.
    Thats when the lawers jumped in an started with there its unconstituinal to deny a person the right to know his date of execution blah blah blah.

    So we now have the present sytem where people can serve 20 years on deathrow before execution is implimented.
    Its a double punishment we make you spend your remaining life behind bars .
    An then kill you.

  5. George won’t live long once he’s sentenced to prison.

    There are two things that even prisoners will not abide–child molesters and child killers and from what I have been hearing is that George molested someone besides Witness #9.

    Even if George is placed in solitary I can imagine the guards accidentally leaving George alone while he showers and someone shanks him.

    If you live by the sword that’s the way you will die. Karma will take care of the rest of the Zimmermans and all of their racist supporters.

  6. Hi Shannon,
    I thought I would stop by say hi and ask have you seen the latest “bombshell tonight” evidence Cracker and his wacky gang have posted? FOIA? Please tell me you saw the hilarious photo of The Miami-Dade School Police Department featured!?!??!? Check out the dude on the right with the enormous head!! Very funny stuff. I was just leaving there nasty site after the Gladys letter when boom here is more from the nuthouse. I was thinking of challenging Sundance to a real time debate on the case. I will not post on that rag but will put it on my page. Want to join in? It of course will never take place but I thought you and I could challenge Cracker and the user Chip Bennett, girls against boys, and I really want at a guy whose name is Chip!!!. Could be fun and we might want to engage in a huge publicity WordPress challenge. WE can pants them. Let me know and again thank you for your comments about Shannon. Hope all is beautiful in your new place. Much much aloha, Sheila

  7. Shannon my Shannon please let me know if I can post the “Gas pump prank” to your page, or grab it from mine it will heal us all for the day!!!!!!

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