Trayvon’s Texts

I read this comment the other day on the Doth Protest too much blog. And I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I asked permission and got the OK to post it here. Hopefully many more people will get the same comfort I got from this person’s point of view.

2DogsOnly wrote this in the comment section, but I it’s not visible enough all the way down at the bottom. And don’t you think more people will appreciate the whole story. Not just the blurbs Omara & co. would like people to know. It’s only fair right? It’s all fair in love and war, right?

Because this is war, right? This is not the courtroom Omara first insisted this case would be tried in. So if he want’s everyone to know the *real Trayvon* and wants to publish things that won’t be coming into the trial, then why not show it all in the entire context? Won’t all the other texts and pictures help draw a more complete portrait of Trayvon? The more the better right? You’d think if these most recent items are so damning to the 17 year old boy imagine what the rest must be. After all, aren’t they interested in the whole picture?

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May 23, 2013 5:47 pm

I read the texts. First, I am a white grandmother so this is my vantage point.

Contrary to Zimmerman’s attorney trying to paint victim as bad apple, they show him  as an exceptionally gentle, sweet natured barely 17 teen. Where is the cussing or even a hint of anger in his texts? Not one FU. Not one asshole. Not one shit. His mom and dad are enacting a severe, to a teen, discipline making him leave his friends for the full 10 days. For a teen, 10 days away from his friends is an eternity bordering on torture.

So, where are his cussing, name calling, refusing to take responsibility words. You would fully expect them -90% of teens would be ranting about what an asshole my parents are! How could they! I hate them!

Now, let’s look at Zimmerman’s anger. He calls the 911 to complain ” the dog is gone but I WANT IT NOTED it took a full 30 minutes for someone to respond” I mean he is calling on dogs in his neighborhood every month and not strays but pets. So that is an anger problem but who takes the time to call the police to complain they weren’t quick enough, by god!!

I would take this black teen over this pissed off redneck as my neighbor every day, all day long. The White adult emails express  a deep seated rage against everyone, from neighbors to his complaints when he becomes NW–”There was a black man taking discarded junk by the curb. You’ll know when trash day is so be on the look out for anyone carting away items you’ve left to be carted away”. ” and try to have someone home at all times”. He had just become NW and with these emails, the HOA should have noticed they had a weirdo that should be removed from watching their neighborhood.

No wonder the insurance co., paid out the claim so quickly.


It’s me again here. I wanted to go ahead and add these couple of videos because it’s important to realize just how important it is to remember what this case is really about. It’s hard sometimes when we get bogged down with bullshit like the out of context and straight up false *discovery* docs like what omar did last week.

this 1st video talks about who zimmerman’s calls 911 about and types of language gz uses in these calls about black ppl in the neighborhood.

The second video gives those who keep saying the murder 2 charge was an over charge a swift kick in the ass for stupidity! How in the hell does a grown man who angrily gets out of his truck- ARMED, to chase whom he himself described as a “kid” in his “late teens” and then shoots this kid in the heart, and then jumps on top of him and RAMS his knees with all his weight into the dying boys NECK, squeezing the last bit of life out of him, and telling the neighbor NOT to call police but come and help him “RESTRAIN this guy”, how does anyone with common sense complain Zimmerman was over charged??? I mean if moving his left hand to avoid shooting it, and then aims and fires directly into a screaming, defenseless kid’s heart isn’t MURDER 1 or premeditated murder, then how about smothering him instead of calling an ambulance to help him? Which one of those actions do not represent at the very least a depraved mind?

11 thoughts on “Trayvon’s Texts

  1. I can’t figure out what I did wrong trying to post the damn videos again!! why does this always happen!! aren’t we supposed to do the “embed” link? isn’t that the one that shows the video right on the page where you don’t have to click it to go all the way to youtube??

  2. Great post shannoninmiami, I’m not sure about the youtube embed link it has never worked for me either.

    I don’t mind going to youtube to view your research.

    🙂 ic2

  3. Let’s see if this works. Some themes require that you post from the URL address and others from the “share” box on youtube. In either case, when you embed in a post, remember to enter an empty line afterwards.

    • ohhhhh, ok i see.. you have to add a line after the link. cas i didn’t even think of that and i was just pasting in after i’d written what i wrote so i probably didn’t skip a line in either direction. thanks doll face 🙂

      • @Shannon. If you edit and that works for you, feel free to edit my comments to remove the vids. Word Press is wonderful in many ways but there are some little quirks about it. 🙂

  4. You have made me so proud. To think my post,pointing out who has the real anger issue,makes my heart swell. Thank you so very very much!;-)
    2dogsonly (blog sign in)
    @puffytuffy (twitter name)

    • Please!! your insight was unique. no one’s mentioned Trayvon’s innocent affect, except his mom of course bc she knew him. but you read it in his words.
      If you listen to that video he took of the guys arguing over the bike, you’ll see he even seems shy! The video made me think of him as kinda self conscience, maybe the quiet type. kinda a B-type personality. NOT LOUD, NOT AGGRESSIVE, not an instigator. AT ALL!! The opposite of what gz is trying to portray. To me that tape backfired on the nasty defense 100%! But it’s not relevant in court, it was a failed pathetic last minute attempt by defense to smear a dead kid and they even had to lie about in order to get a rise out of it! they got NOTHING!!!

      They shoulda listened to Sybrina, she said he was a peaceful, loving kid. and he was sweet and huggy with her still, even as a teenager! that says a lot to me..

      i’d love to hear what you think of it.. i’m gonna post it here in case you haven’t seen it yet..

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