Little Black Boy Wonder Trayvon Martin: A Brave display of the Vunerable Black Man.

we keep asking; what can we do to right this wrong?
but i don’t think this question is actually ours to ask because this wrong is not our fault. it’s not Trayvon’s fault. it’s not the Black man’s fault. it’s just not America’s fault George Zimmerman stalked and murdered Trayvon Benjamin Martin. and we cannot make this right.

no matter what these beautiful men above have done before, nor what they do from this day forward explains why Trayvon Martin was murdered. but our culture encourages us to turn this crime onto ourselves, internalize it, look for and find our own blame, somewhere..
the self blame is familiar and comforting. it’s kinda like a sense of control over external chaos.
if we blame ourselves the pain becomes our punishment that we somehow deserve.
why do we deserve this punishment? we don’t but that doesn’t matter. what is important is that it becomes a lesson we can learn so we find some acceptable end. we really need that end..
i think this emotional process gives us a manageable sense of balance, like a beginning, middle and end -somewhere down the road.

but no matter what we put ourselves through, or however we cope, i think eventually we need to understand that this time the lesson is simply not ours to learn.
so if there is a lesson, it has to belong to those of whom it’s intended, those who stole the life of a young boy named Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

the end.

27 thoughts on “Little Black Boy Wonder Trayvon Martin: A Brave display of the Vunerable Black Man.

  1. And you really believe this? This is an isolated incident whose blame lays no where but with the individuals involved? This isn’t part of some decades long social order wrought out of slavery and oppression., right? It’s just coincidental that in America, only unarmed African Americans are murdered at that rate 1000x higher than any other race? So inherently blacks as a race must be inferior, if for some reason only we experience this. I thought you were smart. You had going for a minute there. This proves some people will Reblog anything that says “Trayvon” without reading it.

    • @Tesspowell
      my 1st reply was erased by accident when i tied to post it last night. but i wanted to give you at least some version of what i mean.

      in my comment above i was only trying to say that it was no one’s fault that Trayvon was murdered by george zimmerman. no black man, no black woman has ever done anything to bring this on Trayvon Martin. Trayvon happens to be a 100% innocent victim.
      but i’ll a go a little further to what i was kinda getting at.

      yes the institutional racism involved has been allowed to fester unchecked by many of the white ppl and so they serve as enablers to george zimmerman. and that is their fault and at some point every one of them should be held responsible for their personal actions/inaction.

      but this is not just about racism either. it is the worst crime against a minor child. it’s not arbitrary. it’s not about someone’s thoughts or ideals. this case is physical and visual. i get a visceral reaction when i think about that dick george zimmerman putting his filthy fucking hands on someone else’ kid and murdering him in cold blood. and even though we know who he is and we know he did it, he still got away with it in more ways than one. so what intellectual solution can solve this crime now?? ppl blaming anyone but the murderer and doing these peaceful marches are not going to bring Trayvon back nor punish the killer. i’m not saying that these marches are wrong of course, they are important to the fight for equality in the US. i’m just saying they aren’t enough because they don’t help Trayvon and all the other young black males now. and how does this discourage another zimmerman by not punishing this one?

      why cant we as a collective community to do more now? because i think there is something we as a serious thoughtful diplomatic community can do (on our own) that we haven’t tried yet to punish certain injustices and at the same time effect the protection every kid deserves. even though most ppl are not voicing this idea, i really don’t think i’m an exception in my desire to see zimmerman dead.
      you may not like it, Sybrina may not like it. and it’s certainly not be the politically correct reaction. but i think most ppl realize what an answer to this crime should be if we were to be fair to all affected.
      certain things are not being properly dealt with by our government. the precedent set by allowing this killer to go free is unacceptable and they know it now and they knew it before the verdict. but as usual, after a few weeks of feigned concern for the outraged citizens’ protests and petitions they are left with no apparent incentive to change the status quo. i won’t go into it much more except to say one word. militia.

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply, but you’re not helping.
        The responsibility lies with the pervasive attitude that black life is less important than the lives of other races.
        This has been the case through history. And it doesn’t take a militia to handle it. Dr.King, MalcolmX, every civil rights leader has been able to effectuate change w/o a militia, rather an organized movement that applied pressure to the establishment.
        I don’t think it’s white folks fault. Blacks are responsible for allowing it. And pieces like that you wrote, only serve to counter the idea that Blacks are off the hook. No ma’am. We don’t need cheerleaders for “its no one’s fault”.

  2. @Shannon. Thank you for expressing your heart. I am sure that Sybrina and Tracy have visited and re-visited the “what if’s” over and over. IMHO, they have seen the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that there are times when evil must be exposed and situations occur to do just that in order to work for the greater good. That in fact, it was evil situations that gave momentum to the Civil Rights Movement to expose those situations and cause America to wake-up to the fact that it does not live-up to its constitution that “all men are created equal.”

    George Zimmerman’s attitude, actions, and lies, personify White Supremacy used to commit crimes against people of color and different religious denominations, while circumventing laws and justice.

    Yes, I include religion because Zimmerman’s family exhorts their religious beliefs above those of Tracy and Sybrina, disrespecting and insulting them by saying they pray for Trayvon (to paraphrase) to come out of the Roman Catholic doctrine of purgatory. They exhort themselves as God Almighty to judge the dead.

    If we really want to see who is responsible, just read the comments of his supporters, many of whom admit that they are not interested in Zimmerman as a person but rather, the process in which the case came to worldwide attention. They are against Blacks having power to get media attention; ability to organize protests; believing they are equal. That is why there are barely any comments on Zimmerman support blogs that do not demean, vilify, and denigrate all and any Blacks involved in bringing the case to worldwide attention, in addition to demonizing Trayvon Martin.

    George Zimmerman has brought White Supremacists out in the open. Even his brother has taken the route of comparing Trayvon to other young Blacks accused of committing crime. His roll model, Frank Taaffe, has completely unzipped his pants and exposed himself as a White Supremacists.

    Who has to learn the lesson? Those who are not White Supremacists. Our lesson is to educate others about them.

  3. Shannon, I wanted to check in at yur blog, I have been getting some strange comments from your user name very unlike Shannon I wanted to give you a heads up on it. Some are showing up in my email which was odd, since they did not match what you posted as a comment on my blog. The message I thought would better serve you here. If you fucking assholes think you write like Shanoninmiami you should know by now we know how to spot your bullshit. There is that covered. Shannon does not invoke your gibberish. She is as I when it comes to looking at that fat POS. Let me know my other Shannon if I should share off site with you some of those idiotic coments. Xena hi there I am tired today so hope you see this I have received some of the strange email comments as well, not matching anything you have posted at sheila’s blog. Ladies here is what I think George is running scared as he should be, he has Federal Charges coming his way and they begin with a Federal Hate Crime. Really it is a hate crime, not violations of civil rights but Hate Crime.
    My 2 other sisters Xena and Shannon be aware this what is happening. As John “Sexy sexy” Guy said in his rebuttal this is a case of right and wrong, not about race…here is how you know, situation reversed all things being equal if Zimerman had been walking home and Trayvon had been driving around with a loaded gun, calling Police (NEN) with hate in his head mouth and heart and shot dead Zimmerman what would your verdict be……that is how you know!!!!!!! Am I all alone in his telling them what would that verdict be, come back with not guilty and it falls flat. What he was saying was it was about race, and the not guilty verdict had to mean George had a great legal reason to kill Trayvon. Thus Trayvon was guilty of murdering himself. WOW the fix was in long ago and it was not for Zimmerman. Xena like you I have my way of access to information not for the Zimmerman crackpots but real information from sources that are real and credible if not directly. All this because the nosy me has always dug deeper. Love you guys both, be aware there are still things happening and he is off his leash, encourage him to go further he deserves it, Trayvon is entitled to it. XOXOXOXO

      • hey Capricornrising,
        POS= Piece Of Shit! LOL

        and there’s lots of information that seems to suggest the Florida’s state attys threw the case. or at the very least did a pretty shitty job prosecuting. they made some unusual fundamental mistakes, like not preparing witnesses! and not having a rebuttal case AT ALL!!
        we’re hoping that the DOJ makes their announcement to prosecute zimmerman for killing Trayvon as a federal hate crime. they’re still investigating so no news yet.

    • Hey Sdunn!!! I’m going to email you and Shannon about the schemes of the cyber-bullies. Please give me a few days. I promise to send it in a way where both of your email addresses are kept confidential because I only share the email addresses of others upon their request.

      Question: When you say email, are you referring to those sent to you through Word Press alerting you or comments awaiting moderation?

      Regarding Zimmerman, he and his family know that the feds dig deep. His mom and pop told Barbara Walters that they do not communicate with George because they are afraid that their phones are tapped. That speaks volumes about what they know about the federal investigation, in addition to the content of their conversations.

      Be aware of someone submitting comments saying that the DOJ is yanking America’s chain, coming from a person using the email address provided by the DOJ for tips and info to assist in their investigation. That happened on another blog and was submitted to the DOJ because the person impersonated federal law enforcement — a no-no.

      • god you’d think these ppl would get over their obsession with us and focus on supporting zimmerman full time!! they should be working 2 jobs, one for their meth and the other for georgie’s credit card bills!LOL these zimmerlovers are such stupid suckers! i wish i could see them in person! LOLOL poor pathetic slobs!

      • Hi My Goddess Xena, I say this because I know you to be very into Astrology. I am as well, but sun signs I believe are to be used in concert with peoples chinese astrology. Toss in hour of birth well….you get it. If you are like me I have the same sun sign moon sign and hour of birth sign. My friend who has studied Chinese astrology says I am solid unshakable triple threat. It is unusual to have three corresponding signs in tune.
        As for email I have you as someone whose comments never go to moderation once you posted you are free to continue. Without giving those that do not understand the workings of this use your best judgment. I know you have it. I find it disturbing that they would not take the time to understand the way it works. Xena this is most likely the reason we were off the charts of how we interpreted eachother. I am a long time fan of Blackbutterfly7. I know the difference between your user name and your blog address. For me I could care less my identity is who I am they pose no threat to me. They can paint all the beards and such on my photo I save everything they do as evidence as I am certain you do. Thank you for responding I knew you would. Good girl you get it. My personal email is not for public consumption that is why I felt it important to ask you. It is time for these scamming morons to be told there are still those that know whats up they have no influence at all. This happened before but I am less patient now. Your blog is a good well meaning thoughtful idea of continuing the charges that are going to be brought against this empty guy let us fight the good fight, look forward to hearing from my friend Xena. XOXOXO

      • HEY Sdunn4!!! Yeah — I get it. 🙂

        I have a somewhat limited understanding of astrology. There are times that I consult someone who knows more when I have a question. I have the same sun and moon. It comes as no surprise that those supporting justice for Trayvon have strong, determined personalities.

        Careers and causes generally choose us.

        On blackbutterfly7, I still have your comments going into moderation and have to remember to change that. Days go by so quickly, and there is so much on my plate right now that I’m not always expedient in doing things. I blame it on age. 🙂

      • I think my last post did not get through, but here is what I know with age comes wisdom, you are a very generous blog owner I only let in those that follow with their signing in, I don’t follow once you coment and it is approved you are free to do so. Nothing goes from the real Shannoninmiami or Xena is held in moderation. I just wanted you to know there may be a last ditch effort by george who thinks he is so is brilliant that the rules do not apply. I have seen them spam blogs vlogs and are very threatened by those that refuse to let it happen, as you say I keep it for evidence Amen Sister , sdunn5 for it can not be divided like 4 it is my whole number so to speak any comment that does not say sdunn5 is not me. Wink we have more to go with let us get this murderer behind bars. Much love to you Xena XOXOXOXO

    • oh yeah you’ve caught the zimmerman’s herpes!LOLOLOLO they’re like the gift that keeps on giving!
      they have to send their stupid opinions to ppl who don’t even give a shit what they say and there’s just no one around who wants to talk to them, much less agree with them!!LOLO so they harass us because they have no where else to go!

  4. Hey Shannon I haven’t seen you as following me or vice versa in a while. I was wondering if you are OK and that some piss ant hasn’t spammed your user name. Don’t get me wrong I will follow you all the time, but your following of my blog dropped so of course after all the fun we have had with “them” I hope you will come by or let me know you are OK. Love ya Shannon, it will piss me off if someone has grabbed your user name because they don’t get to do that to my Shanster. A term of endearment we used for our other Shannon, if you like I won’t call you that but I think my real other Shannon will highly approve. I hope to hear from you girl

    • look I am replying to myself but noticed the gravatar, you use gravatar right? I changed mine last week to a boat in SF my brother took a picture of when he went to see Springsteen there not too long ago, it says Princess Sheila, and it is a dingy, which is as it should be due to the Princess insult. REally let me know what is up I am commenting via wordpress..

    • Hey Sheila! what do you mean i’m not following you? do you mean i’m not on your blog followers list of other bloggers? bc i should be ( i’m gonna double check in a minute) bc i always have been. but it maybe bc you deleted your old one and i forgot to re-follow your new one! LOL

      so no i just haven’t been on wordpress as much as usual, i’m on twitter tho all the time, i bet you haven’t really got into it yet? i just noticed i’ve been on for a little over a year. but it took a minute to get used to it but i love it now! i’m @miamidecor on Twitter if you are let me know if your twitter handle isn’t obviously you or i might not know it’s you!!
      but i make a comment or two on Xena’s blog most days i think…i haven’t seen your posts lately but i’ll check.

      btw i’ve been irritated because there’s been no word on the DOJ intentions and that’s one reason i haven’t been posting much. i’m actually in a bad ass mood right now just thinking about it again!!

      XOXO me

      • Hi Cutie, what’s up???
        I have been lax lately after the word vomiting maggot brigade that spent most of their day writing lengthy senseless visually horrific in the length of their purported hate for my arrogance and delusional thoughts that I was speaking to the great Zimmerman. Whoa I felt like I had been slimed. Which is a nasty feeling but I could not keep up the constant orange bubble rhymes with orange jumpsuit (wink) so took a big break.
        But you know me I just had to refocus my focus. Comments go into odderation yes odderation no typo. But went back to practical remember when you were not insane Sheila ah there it was. I remember we were with humor. The good old days are back. However needed you and Xena to know it is housekeeping or maybe not but my mind was turning to mush. Psychopaths cause this. Threats that I enjoyed. See I like when they dig so far they lose their tunnels out. So for my Shannon and Xena I love you both the mojo’s back with a more grass roots approach. The specimen is going down I promise you.and I am inspired.
        I am still seeing the trial is bits and pieces, but tell me did you like it when Christopher Serino giving his credentials said he worked for 2 years for the DOD here at Pearl Harbor? I would have missed my little gift had I seen it live…no I would not have but it was a satisfying moment I laughed till it hurt.
        I posted Kathy Griffin referring to Purple Drank it was divine the Timberlake and Beiber was not so much but to get there you got to have it. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Charmed ones!!

      • Hey sdunn5! I’ve been reading your blog. (understand why you turned comments off.) You’re getting pretty deep there, sister. I appreciate your work.

      • hey Sheila! i hope you saw the news abt the grand jury in orlando. zimmerman is feeling the heat.
        he’s all over twitter like a Fat Floppy Fish gasping for ANYTHING and ANYONE who will defend him like the little bitch that he is-unarmed and around grown men! lol cant wait till he’s in prison where the slugs of society belong! j wonder which prison it’ll be??? gotta check into the local accommodations!!

      • hey i’m just now seeing this post! i guess i forget to check the blog. and i’ve been off wordpress for a few days. i’m not done reading this but i’ll be back tomorrow. nighty xoxox me

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