Coming Soon: Comprehensive Collection of #GeorgeZimmerman’s Crimes

Quick Announcement!

I can’t explain exactly what and why I’m doing this right this second but I will in a few days.

The 1st goal is to create a place with easy access to ALL of George Zimmerman’s crimes and indiscretions.
(There’s another goal that I’ll discuss later.)

Most blogs, for various reasons have chosen to move on to other things. Except for Xena’s blog. Thank god! She and her contributors regularly report on the issues concerning Trayvon’s murder and George Zimmerman’s repeated violence and scams.
So that’s where I go to hang out regularly. If you haven’t been, you should go there for the latest news and intelligent commentary in a climate controlled, troll-free zone.

Obviously I’m not a real blogger. This blog was created as a place to store evidence, other people’s important comments and points made by experts so I could easily find it in one place. We’d also come here and express opinions (or ranting, raving & cussing) in ways that might offend more some of the more reserved people on other blogs.

Anyway, for the next few days I’ll be searching and gathering all the data I’ve collected over the years and saved on other computers and different cloud services. Then I’ll figure out a way to organize it on this blog.

If you guys have any documents, photos, videos, memes, reports that you want to post here post them. I certainly don’t have everything but I want everything included.

We’ll have stuff like court records, complaints and visuals like memes, photos and videos that anyone can retrieved quickly to use for anything!
*An example is picking up Zimmerman’s arrest records and posting it on Twitter to back up your argument or refute some dumbass ZimmerLover’s bogus claim.

Oh and If anyone wants to help with this project DON’T HESITATE! Just do it, MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL! I’m terribly slow and unorganized so any and all assistance is more than welcome!

Xoxo, Shannon 🙂

I realize many of us are still reeling from George Zimmerman’s acquittal in that kangaroo court trial for the murder of 17yo Trayvon Martin and now the DOJ’s decision not to go forward with federal civil rights charges against him. Its been a nightmare for me too. But I’m starting to feel a little better, a little less defeated and a little less hopeless. And I hope you guys are too. We need to stick together because there’s still work to be done.

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Comprehensive Collection of #GeorgeZimmerman’s Crimes

  1. Well, since I’m banned from xena’s blog as she thinks I’m connected to Vicky Pate, I appreciate you. I guess you saw where Judge in his latest fiasco is none other than Judge Nelson. She has ordered Matt Appearson to wear a GPS and if Rene Sultman is correct ordered him to wear it “NOW”.
    Reads like her ( Judge Nelson) same tone as when she told GZ ” You are free to leave court as blah blah. Like Judge Nelsom was ecstatic. If the trial was fixed and I think it was, she got her wish as verdict was not guilty. 👿
    Appearson is going to assert SYG and he was released on 35k bail. I am probably being optimistic but I think somehow this may be GZ’s undoing as it will further embolden him to do whatever he wants to and will cross over a line as OJ did.
    Anyway, Shannon, I am @ puffytuffy , on Twitter, and I am open so you can decide if I’m ” I’m ” in the cesspool” as Xena asserts .

  2. 2dogsonly/puffytuffy. You really don’t know why I banned you, do you? I placed your comments in moderation because you demonstrated behavior of doing drive-by, condescending and demeaning comments, then totally ignoring people who responded to you.

    When you misrepresented a post written by towerflower and tried picking a fight with her is when I banned you from Blackbutterfly7.

    The comment linked is also where I posted a screenshot of your comment on Whonoze’s blog to support that you promote the lies about me that the cyberextortionists have been circulating since January 2013.

    Going to other blogs playing the victim for being banned from Blackbutterfly7 does not help your credibility. In fact, it makes you look like a gossiper.

  3. Shannon, thanks so much for the shout out. After the verdict in Zimmerman’s case, it took only a day or so for one juror to appear in the media. B37’s interview on AC360 was like pouring gas on a fire; salt in a wound. I’ve often wondered if she thinks about that interview and how she sentenced Zimmerman to lessons learned, since he continuously shows us his violent nature. Not only has he shown us his violent nature, but also his religious hypocrisy in being an adulterer.

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