well it ain't Kansas!

Bio: I'll be focusing on the Trayvon Martin case until his murderer is brought to trial, convicted and sentenced to 25 to life! But there's more.... Not The End

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    • OMG Xena, i had the funniest response to the other award you sent me! and then of course i lost it!! this was a while ago and i was so mad!! but i just thought of somethin. maybe it saved itself in the drafts?? i’m gonna check…

  1. Shannon, I see that you are an RN ok I am also a Nurse, I am not sure I am posting in the appropriate place, so if I am not 🙂 forgive me,I got very excited when I saw you are a Nurse for the simple fact that I have wanted to ask a nurse’s opinion on George’s so called injuries .Now given Georgie Porgy said Trayvon slammed his head against cement several times. do you see any injury that comes close to what the back of his head should look like? what I have seen in the picture of the back of his head are laughable a trickle of blood and an oversized butterfly bandaid ? no sutures or steri strip? I haven’t heard much on the Dr. report or even if he did seek medical help?.what is your take on this,I would think his head would have suffered something more than a trickle of blood something to back up what he said happened. right? I just don’t think this ever happened as he said to me the small injury possibly a tiny laceration does not add up, what do you think? By the way this is a fabulous site Shannon, awesome research and just great.Hlad I found your site.

    • Hi thanks for your comments, but no i’m not in any way shape or form a nurse! but I’ve heard from plenty of medical professionals and they’ve all said, including the ME at trial, that Zimmerman’s boo boos, all 2 of his 1″ x 1″ &1″x 1/8″ scratches, are completely INCONSISTANT with being smashed on the concrete 20-25 times!
      There were lots of convos about the lack of medical treatment. The EMTs didn’t even give him a band aid & the PA he saw the next day for a note so he could stay out of work& run around town telling everyone he killed a “mugger” like he told the ‘boys’ at the Fight Gym where he practiced MMA for 18m 3times a week & 3hours a day. He forgot to mention to anyone that that ‘mugger’ was actually a 17yr Neighbor BOY that he stalked, chased & killed even as he cried &screamed for help 70ft from his own back door.

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