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I'll be focusing on the Trayvon Martin case until his murderer is brought to trial, convicted and sentenced to 25 to life! But there's more.... Not The End

George Zimmerman has “Intestinal Fortitude”

Because he murdered 17yo Trayvon Martin

Thank you @HopeRipple1 for convincing me to watch it. I would’ve probably only listened to sound bites here and there without your encouragement. So here’s the video of zimmerman on skype around May 24, 2016. The interviewer does ZERO fact checking. As usual zimmerman is just ignorantly rambling on, half the time incoherently. But it wouldn’t matter because they never ask him anything of substance. It sounds like he gave them the questions and they pretended to care. I even kinda have a feeling he actually PAID THEM to do it! LMAO Because the “reporter” certainly didn’t invest a penny in the “production.” I mean he didn’t even get a full screen monitor! They have him on maybe a 10″ tablet streaming on slow shitty wifi! 

Among much much more antisocial, mentally unstable, incredibly stupid remarks, the first thing i noticed was that zimmerman’s all bitter because the 1st gun website removed his auction. So bitter, he goes on a weird rampage about how they’re selling NAZI memorabilia and telling their members to unsubscribe. But not just unsubscribe quietly, he wants them to email the gun website and really tell them about themselves- because George Zimmerman is butthurt! LMFAO But this is Zimmerman’s typical vengeful MO with anyone who’s ever known or dealt with him. Lots of us have differences with others and end our relationships and go our separate ways. But most of us don’t get the urge to post someone’s naked pics on twitter like zimmerman does.

Then he goes back to that hilarious, thoroughly debunked, story about saving the lives of an entire family! I’m George ZimmerMan and i saved a family of 4 from a turned over burning car!! REALLY?? STILL??

I’ll post them when i find the ACTUAL 911 calls which clearly describe the scene of a turned over car, but the passengers were uninjured and apparently exited the vehicle themselves. There was some minor engine smoke initially but definitely NOT a fire! And zimmerman did NOT save any fucking body! Says the immediate eyewitnesses! That were actually there. And did not know zimmerman at all, much less conspire to downplay the accident to 911 in a plot to steal his invented “thunder” made up in his small mind! There’s also video and/or articles that proved with phone records and facebook, that idiot police officer groupie bitch literally called zimmerman so he could try to be a hero! I believe he took a picture or something and got in trouble. So Zimmerman is lying again because he has nothing real to support his pathetic delusions of grandeur.

Zimmerman is also under the impression that BlackLivesMatter is his personal nemesis. Of course everyone that supports the truth, that blacklivesmatter, is gonna condemn the slob that murdered Trayvon. Duh. Zimmerman doesn’t understand that he’s irrelevant. That we care about Trayvon! It started because Trayvon. And it’s about the way police and legal system work. Which has nothing to do with Zimmerman, He’s not a cop or anyone of significance. He’s just a criminal that happened to benefit from the justice system, like some of the very worst often do. Think OJ, Casey Anthony, Robert Durst, what’s that famous guy who shot his wife outside in the car after dinner? No, zimmy, you’re just a common murderer. And we know murderers gonna murder. But BLM is kinda focused on what can be controlled, the police and legal system. They work for us and we can do things so the legal system isn’t protecting the murderers of Trayvon and Tamir Rice.




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Trayvon DollFace Martin


Good Comes From Bad In The Hartford Police Department

This is awesome! I can just imagine how much this type of thing can change all involved attitudes towards each other. Police have gotta understand that citizens are not “suspects!” People have to demand their police behave as we want, just as THEY would want to be treated because THEY are citizens too!!
Next time they’re not in uniform they need to imagine who they are if they could never put it back on!

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Rabbi Donna Berman Rabbi Donna Berman

Last year in August, Rabbi Donna Berman helped organize a protest march over the tazing of a Hartford. Connecticut teen. Luis Anglero Jr., 18 years old, was tazed by Detective Shawn Ware. Witnesses believed that Detective Ware tasered Luis repeatedly for up to 40 seconds, but the investigation, which was digitally downloaded from the taser itself, showed that the taser was only active for a burst of 5 seconds.

Surveillance footage obtained by Fox CT shows the cop shocking Luis, who appeared to stand there with his arms at his side that summer night.

Luis was hospitalized after the incident, and charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer. Emotions ran high as the Chief of Police marched with protesters. Prosecutors subsequently dropped the charges against Luis. The video is below, but the story doesn’t end there.

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Coming Soon: Comprehensive Collection of #GeorgeZimmerman’s Crimes

Quick Announcement!

I can’t explain exactly what and why I’m doing this right this second but I will in a few days.

The 1st goal is to create a place with easy access to ALL of George Zimmerman’s crimes and indiscretions.
(There’s another goal that I’ll discuss later.)

Most blogs, for various reasons have chosen to move on to other things. Except for Xena’s blog. Thank god! She and her contributors regularly report on the issues concerning Trayvon’s murder and George Zimmerman’s repeated violence and scams.
So that’s where I go to hang out regularly. If you haven’t been, you should go there for the latest news and intelligent commentary in a climate controlled, troll-free zone.

Obviously I’m not a real blogger. This blog was created as a place to store evidence, other people’s important comments and points made by experts so I could easily find it in one place. We’d also come here and express opinions (or ranting, raving & cussing) in ways that might offend more some of the more reserved people on other blogs.

Anyway, for the next few days I’ll be searching and gathering all the data I’ve collected over the years and saved on other computers and different cloud services. Then I’ll figure out a way to organize it on this blog.

If you guys have any documents, photos, videos, memes, reports that you want to post here post them. I certainly don’t have everything but I want everything included.

We’ll have stuff like court records, complaints and visuals like memes, photos and videos that anyone can retrieved quickly to use for anything!
*An example is picking up Zimmerman’s arrest records and posting it on Twitter to back up your argument or refute some dumbass ZimmerLover’s bogus claim.

Oh and If anyone wants to help with this project DON’T HESITATE! Just do it, MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL! I’m terribly slow and unorganized so any and all assistance is more than welcome!

Xoxo, Shannon 🙂

I realize many of us are still reeling from George Zimmerman’s acquittal in that kangaroo court trial for the murder of 17yo Trayvon Martin and now the DOJ’s decision not to go forward with federal civil rights charges against him. Its been a nightmare for me too. But I’m starting to feel a little better, a little less defeated and a little less hopeless. And I hope you guys are too. We need to stick together because there’s still work to be done.

Keep the Momentum gained from the acquittal of Trayvon’s murderer. Pls Sign Petition to Repeal #SYG


I found this comment posted under an article on Salon.com about the continued spread of additional SYG laws, specifically Ohio (my birth state). This is very disappointing news because as far as i know, this is the first time since Trayvon’s murder that SYG has been picked up by another state.

I don’t know what else to say right now, except that basically this really sucks!! So we’ve just got to keep pushing for the repeal no matter what. The repeal of SYG needs to be part of Trayvon’s legacy!

I’ll try to add more information periodically about this law we can use to educate ppl on SYG and it’s detriment to our society. We need to be informed before we vote next year and every little bit helps.

If you haven’t signed the petition sign it and pass it on please.

” Robert P. Robertson · · Top Commenter · Works at Retired Teacher

These laws are unconstitutional and injurious to the general welfare and domestic tranquility of America and American citizens. Not only Stand Your Ground, but Stop and Frisk and Shoot First laws. They are against the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, Article 1: 8 (18), Article 1: 9 (3), Article 1: 10 (1, 2, and 3); Article 4: 3 (2), Article 4: 4 (1), and Amendments 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, and 15. A review of these Articles and Amendments, even a cursory review, will clearly show the unconstitutionality of these adverse and injurious laws. They were legislated by the white supremacist power structure to subvert the supreme law of the land to prevent constitutional policing, constitutional government, and the constitutional management of jails and prisons. They are designed by Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags to promote their treasonous subversion, domestic violence, and home grown domestic terrorism by white supremacist traitors and yellow dogs. Join the movement to stop this adverse exploitation, white supremacy, and neo-Confederate treason at www.thepeitionsite.com to remove the “exception” from the 13th Amendment. This is the source the persecution, criminalization, and re-enslavement of Africans in America and the global shame of America. Sign up and get involved in this just cause.”
Use this link to Petition:
Stop & Frisk in Miami??  WTF??

BTW. The other issue that’s been stuck in my mind is the Stop&Fisk. ever since i heard about it it keeps creeping up in the back of my mind. and it’s getting so bad that it’s like there’s no hope. i just found out TODAY that they’ve had some type of Stop&Frisk policies here in MIAMI!! it’s outrageous! when i first heard of the Stop&Frisk in NYC it really freaked me out. it took some convincing for me to believe it wasn’t more of an exaggeration. i mean doesn’t a cop have to have a certain objective cause to bother you? it’s illegal to just point out and pick someone at random and put your hands on them, isn’t it? aren’t there a couple of basic rights we’re actually born with in this country, those which make this country unique?

and i’m thinking about all the young black males in NYC and it hurts my feelings so bad. it’s like i can feel their shame.
shame; the exact opposite emotion of a successful man. being pulled over for speeding is one thing, but this thing is frightening, degrading, probably a life altering experience for most. and it’s just not fucking fair!

Stop and Frisk IS treating someone like a second class citizen. and i wonder how many of these young guys at that moment suddenly decide to just give up? it has to cause terrible self esteem problems. how can this possibly help any society??
there’s an epidemic of already economically and emotionally fragile young men, decent young men and they’re being destroyed right now. the ones who aren’t murdered by the police are emasculated by privileged white men PUBLICLY in the streets!
it’s unbelievable what the people with all the money will do to others when it’s in their financial interests.

Oh and here’s the link to the story of police harassment Caught on Tape, here in Miami Gardens ( yes, the same city Trayvon is from). i haven’t seen all the videos of pigs caught on tape but i will this weekend.
i can’t just do nothing, it’s too close to home to try to ignore this away now. the store owner is suing the city for civil rights violations so i’ll probably speak with him soon. i hope to find something i can help with.

Little Black Boy Wonder Trayvon Martin: A Brave display of the Vunerable Black Man.


we keep asking; what can we do to right this wrong?
but i don’t think this question is actually ours to ask because this wrong is not our fault. it’s not Trayvon’s fault. it’s not the Black man’s fault. it’s just not America’s fault George Zimmerman stalked and murdered Trayvon Benjamin Martin. and we cannot make this right.

no matter what these beautiful men above have done before, nor what they do from this day forward explains why Trayvon Martin was murdered. but our culture encourages us to turn this crime onto ourselves, internalize it, look for and find our own blame, somewhere..
the self blame is familiar and comforting. it’s kinda like a sense of control over external chaos.
if we blame ourselves the pain becomes our punishment that we somehow deserve.
why do we deserve this punishment? we don’t but that doesn’t matter. what is important is that it becomes a lesson we can learn so we find some acceptable end. we really need that end..
i think this emotional process gives us a manageable sense of balance, like a beginning, middle and end -somewhere down the road.

but no matter what we put ourselves through, or however we cope, i think eventually we need to understand that this time the lesson is simply not ours to learn.
so if there is a lesson, it has to belong to those of whom it’s intended, those who stole the life of a young boy named Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

the end.

Here’s a peek into the Cess Pool of what the Zimmerman’s call a life.


This comment was made last night on one of the most vile of Trayvon hate sites I’ve encountered on the internet. Personally i have no problem believing in it’s authenticity because of some of the comments w/i the comment, not about the accusations against gz, i’m talking about some things referring to other websites and blogs. So take it as you will, but i believe it.

Here it goes:

  1. strat4evr says:
    The suggestion that any of these interviews have anything to do with being a part of her plea deal is ludicrous. The suggestion that Shellie want’s George murdered is beyond ludicrous and thank you Sharon for your comments regarding those accusations.
    Shellie was very specific in stating she did not believe George profiled TM and also that the evidence seemed to support the jury got it right. No-one, myself included ever believed George was anything but justified in his defense of that night and that includes all of Shellie’s family. That has been decided by a jury and that is the end of that, period.
    I do know why Shellie is upset and though I may not agree with her approach she is using now, I do tend to agree with some here she stuck herself with one lousy “almost comical lawyer”. Sundance sure got the alien nation reference right. Just how much influence this lawyer has is unknown to me. I don’t really care either.
    What I do know is George has made Shellie wear the entire “perjury” thing when he was as much a part of directing her as to that subject from when it was money in his account and now her being having to own that solely on her own and considered by many to be the one who has no credibility because she alone is the convicted liar is both shortsighted and not very well thought out. And Mark O’Mara was aware of that when George’s bond was revoked. I won’t even go into the passport issue. You all covered that very well, for those that remember.
    Furthermore, Shellie’s mother and youngest son moved out of their house to provide sanctuary for them and were actually homeless for a period of time. This is the home that you have referenced that yes was what most of my friends would consider a mansion.
    Because of Mark O’Maras, and Georges insistence the Dean family agreed to allow them to live there at a ridiculously low amount of money. Why would they do that? Shellie’s mother, that’s why. Make no mistake, I know what I am talking about.
    I read here a couple of months ago where someone stated they read somewhere that Shellie’s mother has drug issues. I have known her for over 35 years and never known her to have illegal drug issues. I believe I am right when I state she has never been arrested for any illegal drugs. As far as Shellie’s dads past that was posted on this site, well he wore it, did his ten years of probation and paid his fines and debts. He got through this and supported his kids with a good life never asking the state or anyone else for help. Because he doesn’t like that short period of his life to be his judgement I fully understand his desire to not want to be in the spotlight. I don’t agree with his handling of this but it is what it is.
    I have suggested and been trying to encourage Shellie’s Mom to write her story and post it here on this site rather than do the interview with Katie Courick who she has been requested among others but she seems to trust her.
    This whole idea that many here seem to think that interviews are based on money makes me wonder. Yes, shows like Dr. Phil and some others offer big money to go on their shows. Interviews on today shows with Matt Lauer or Good morning america with George Stepalapanous (however you spell it) or even the first interview with the girl writting the book that Shellie did. I don’t know what the arrangement with the network for her was but I do know if you think Shellie is getting rich off of these interviews and that is her motivation you obviously don’t get how this works.
    I believe Shellie was completely truthful when she said George left without her on his victory tour. And after he came back and Shellie was attempting to remove her belongings from her own parents house the public incident occurred.
    After this incident George was contacted not only through Mark O’Mara but also through family that owned the house and Shellie to please vacate for obvious reasons I would think.
    He refused and took an arrogant stance and from what I am learning now took a black magic marker and wrote on the kitchen cabinets. As this day I guess he has vacated and left no keys or garage door opener took the big screen tv that was there when he moved in, through out Shellies youngest brothers computer in the yard and left the house trashed. This is how he says thank you.
    And I am the one that stays in moderation because you obviously question me on all my posts?
    Justice for George Zimmerman on Facebook has banned me, Shellie’s mom. Shellie’s grandmother and all my kids and friends because all of them attacked them for calling Shellie a lying perjury convicted woman who they even called a b*****h, BTW, the grandmother is 75 years old. Catholic and as conservative as you can imagine.
    Said my piece and would rather do it here than anywhere else. God bless all……

The Truth About Trayvon and George – A Personal Story

The Truth About Trayvon and George – A Personal Story.

My response to this post is in moderation so I’m posting it here. but read the post first please.

“Ok, I admit I maybe would have taken something if it was easy, I was no angel back then. But that night I hadn’t done anything”

this sentence- sentiment, is exactly what went wrong with this whole case. the defendant thought he knew what Trayvon was about, the defense lawyers thought they knew who Trayvon was, the media thought they knew who Trayvon was and the jury thought they could read Trayvon’s mind. everyone thought the worst about this kid. why? why would anyone believe the worst about a dead kid without ANY proof what so ever? I wouldn’t, especially in a situation like this.

I would never think that about that particular young kid I saw dead, laid out on the ground with a hollow point stuck in HIS heart- NOT in the defendant’s heart. If the bullet was in the defendant’s heart maybe i’d think differently, since it takes a special kinda person to carry a gun, locked and loaded, with the attitude openly displayed to the NEN dispatcher, to then follow an individual he himself identified as a teenager. it takes a special kinda man to believe he had the right to say and do ALL the things he admits to before the killing and afterwards. so it wasn’t the kid with the questionable behavior like the defendant wants us to believe.
It was the one with the gun. the one with the violent criminal past. not the one with the bullet in his heart. that one was a 17yo walking home from the store with skittles and soda, with a pink heart shaped sticker on his phone, wearing a cheap kid’s blue plastic watch on his slight wrist, and sweatshirt and khakis who made the effort to rolled up the cuffs of his pants that day.

it’s just a shame people have swallowed the defense’s blame the victim narrative hook line and sinker. it’s a shame no one got up on the stand and defended this kid’s character, his honor. it’s a shame no one mentioned the killer’s reputation for harassing others and documented aggression. instead the victim’s supposed, suspected, imagined criminality was inferred and apparently believed by everyone with a voice in this case!

This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.


This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.

damn! i understand omar’s *slight hesitance* to accept this juror!LOL

But this guy has got it absolutely correct!
He has knowledge of Sanford’s rich history of institutional racism and corruption, then added the facts he knows of this case and used his own common sense.
His opinion is based on what zimmerman did and what the Sanford Police dept did and did not do about Trayvon’s death.

I Love him! He’s a fucking HERO!!!

Trayvon’s Texts

I read this comment the other day on the Doth Protest too much blog. And I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I asked permission and got the OK to post it here. Hopefully many more people will get the same comfort I got from this person’s point of view.

2DogsOnly wrote this in the comment section, but I it’s not visible enough all the way down at the bottom. And don’t you think more people will appreciate the whole story. Not just the blurbs Omara & co. would like people to know. It’s only fair right? It’s all fair in love and war, right?

Because this is war, right? This is not the courtroom Omara first insisted this case would be tried in. So if he want’s everyone to know the *real Trayvon* and wants to publish things that won’t be coming into the trial, then why not show it all in the entire context? Won’t all the other texts and pictures help draw a more complete portrait of Trayvon? The more the better right? You’d think if these most recent items are so damning to the 17 year old boy imagine what the rest must be. After all, aren’t they interested in the whole picture?

2dogsonly permalink

May 23, 2013 5:47 pm

I read the texts. First, I am a white grandmother so this is my vantage point.

Contrary to Zimmerman’s attorney trying to paint victim as bad apple, they show him  as an exceptionally gentle, sweet natured barely 17 teen. Where is the cussing or even a hint of anger in his texts? Not one FU. Not one asshole. Not one shit. His mom and dad are enacting a severe, to a teen, discipline making him leave his friends for the full 10 days. For a teen, 10 days away from his friends is an eternity bordering on torture.

So, where are his cussing, name calling, refusing to take responsibility words. You would fully expect them -90% of teens would be ranting about what an asshole my parents are! How could they! I hate them!

Now, let’s look at Zimmerman’s anger. He calls the 911 to complain ” the dog is gone but I WANT IT NOTED it took a full 30 minutes for someone to respond” I mean he is calling on dogs in his neighborhood every month and not strays but pets. So that is an anger problem but who takes the time to call the police to complain they weren’t quick enough, by god!!

I would take this black teen over this pissed off redneck as my neighbor every day, all day long. The White adult emails express  a deep seated rage against everyone, from neighbors to police.read his complaints when he becomes NW–”There was a black man taking discarded junk by the curb. You’ll know when trash day is so be on the look out for anyone carting away items you’ve left to be carted away”. ” and try to have someone home at all times”. He had just become NW and with these emails, the HOA should have noticed they had a weirdo that should be removed from watching their neighborhood.

No wonder the insurance co., paid out the claim so quickly.


It’s me again here. I wanted to go ahead and add these couple of videos because it’s important to realize just how important it is to remember what this case is really about. It’s hard sometimes when we get bogged down with bullshit like the out of context and straight up false *discovery* docs like what omar did last week.

this 1st video talks about who zimmerman’s calls 911 about and types of language gz uses in these calls about black ppl in the neighborhood.

The second video gives those who keep saying the murder 2 charge was an over charge a swift kick in the ass for stupidity! How in the hell does a grown man who angrily gets out of his truck- ARMED, to chase whom he himself described as a “kid” in his “late teens” and then shoots this kid in the heart, and then jumps on top of him and RAMS his knees with all his weight into the dying boys NECK, squeezing the last bit of life out of him, and telling the neighbor NOT to call police but come and help him “RESTRAIN this guy”, how does anyone with common sense complain Zimmerman was over charged??? I mean if moving his left hand to avoid shooting it, and then aims and fires directly into a screaming, defenseless kid’s heart isn’t MURDER 1 or premeditated murder, then how about smothering him instead of calling an ambulance to help him? Which one of those actions do not represent at the very least a depraved mind?

Why keep zimmerman in prison for life?



that’s exactly why gz had that evil smirk on his face all the way until he found himself in Judge Nelson’s courtroom.
but after that first hearing in front of Nelson his smirk hasn’t been seen again.

he stole Trayvon’s life because he likes to believe he’s superior to some people. not all, not most, but some. and that’s another one of his many problems. he honestly knows he’s a nobody, and he resents it. so he really has NO self esteem. except for that night, he certainly thought he was better than and more important than Trayvon Martin.

he thought he could kill this kid and everyone he around him would think he was a big man and at the same time, shower him with various prizes. maybe like a paid position either in the neighborhood or in the police department. but he was also looking forward to people fussing over him and pampering him, as if he actually risked his precious life to protect everyone’s car radio or the forgotten bicycles left outside.

he thought of Trayvon more like a trophy he’d won in a sport competition. the same way those cowardly, inadequate in the bedroom kind of rich assholes who like to go out and hunt exotic, endangered wild animals. like elephants or Bengal tigers.

gz still thinks he should get away with killing an innocent kid. and he has and will continue to do whatever he thinks it will take to make all the non-believers believe!

But I think people like him have no place amongst us. they can’t be cured. and even if they could be cured of a personality disorder like that, they’ve already lost any rights to treatment by the time he’s killed someone. because they didn’t just become an asshole the very day they committed the crime.
and in gz’s case, he had already too many warnings in which he chose to ignore. he should of gotten help
( if there is such a thing ) or learned his lesson, or isolated himself, before he did the irreparable damage to another person and the persons effected by the crime.

so the only fair thing to do is either his family or the government is to put him down. just like we’d do for any suffering animal who’s disease is too far advanced and/or incurable or is a danger to others.

people like gz should be treated the same way! if keeping them locked up is too expensive for their loved ones to pay for then the government could offer to do it for a nominal fee. but we shouldn’t keep people in prison for life just because they didn’t get the death penalty. why keep wasting resources on people who have taken other’s lives like the way gz took Trayvon’s. and especially when they can’t afford to pay their own way.
there’s starving innocent people who actually deserve to be taken care of with those resources wasted on the worthless.