Audio of zimmerman’s cousin telling police he molested her and another girl.

I like to call this picture Trayvon DollFace Martin

I like to call this picture Trayvon DollFace Martin

This is some audio of the cousin gz molested.

She came forward within two days of the murder. Long before media ever heard of Trayvon’s murder, long before any 911 calls were released. And long before this witness would know ANY of the details of the murder!

She also says he did it to someone else who would never tell.

Something to listen for in her statement is the *tense* she uses to describe the actions. When she talks about an individual act, she maintains the same tense “then he put his hands all over me” and ” he made me look at it”. When people are bullshitting they will jump around and say things like ” after that he is kissing me” and ” then he was on top of me”. I’m no linguistics expert but that’s the best way I can explain it now.

So what i’m saying is all these things add up and are consistent with someone telling the truth. That and normal psychologically fit people do not lie about this kind of humiliation! Period!

Lonnie Starr: G. Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin

 I had to save another thoughtful message Lonnie posted the other day on Professor Leatherman’s blog.

 In this one I think Lonnie helps explain the bizarre story line Zimmerman’s lawyers will put forth at trial, in the hopes the six people who end up on the jury are stupid and senseless enough to believe is a reasonable excuse for the cold blooded murder of an innocent teenager.

Personally, I can’t imagine jurors will mistake this kind of mind fuckery as some sort of justification for Zimmerman. These people will understand the inherent danger Zimmerman represented as he jumped out of the car armed with a 9mm he had loaded to the max with those deadly hollow point bullets. These facts clearly point to Trayvon Martin as the sole victim. And that Trayvon Martin was the unfortunate one caught in that killer’s murderous path on the evening of February 26, 2012. And Trayvon Martin never had a chance.


Lonnie Starr says:

This is a teachable moment,  otherwise,  it matters not which way the defendant goes,  because the SP will be there to meet him with an overwhelming supply of incriminating,  rebuttal and impugning materials.  Much of it fashioned by no one other than the defendant himself,  in a foolish effort to further and forward a self serving story of innocence that he has continued to attempt to contrive.

But,  before GZ puts one word before a judge or jury in this case,  the one question he has not answered and requires an immediate answer is:  What was GZ doing,  and/or what had GZ done,  that would have indicated to anyone he showed an interest in,  that he was not either a criminal or a threat???  

GZ’s narrative shows that he knew that Trayvon knew,  that GZ was following him.

So,  GZ has now to explain to us and everyone else,  why Trayvon should not have thought of GZ as a potential threat.   It is not sufficient that in GZ’s mind Trayvon was a suspect and GZ was the NW’er.  Because if GZ cannot demonstrate how he advertised this idea,  then there is no way that any stranger,  would not see his actions as a serious threat.  It is a crime to take such actions,  in a public place,  that would cause another person or persons to fear for their safety.  One cannot cause others to fear for their safety,  and still claim to be acting within the law and/or exercising any rights that they have. 

GZ is attempting,  by saying “I was just going in the same direction as he was”,  to pretend that if Trayvon happened to be scared,  it was an unintended accident,  borne of misinterpreting  exactly what GZ was really doing. 

GZ is trying to say that he was viciously attacked,  while he was merely attempting to return to his truck.  Unfortunately for GZ,  the law doesn’t see it this way.  Once you cause someone to fear for their life,  by engaging in strange and/or threatening actions,  you cannot simply consider the effects “turned off” by some unilateral mental attempt to cease and desist.  Because actions that cannot be detected,  because they are not communicated,  cannot be allowed or permitted to have any bearing at all,  on the situation.   He cannot cause the threat he represented to go away,  simply because he mentally flips a switch inside his own head. 

So,  to be lawful,  GZ needs to show that he somehow published that he was not a criminal and/or that he was not a serious threat. 

GZ seems to feel that,  when he decides to follow some one,  they should immediately stop and wait for the police to arrive.  But what he doesn’t tell anyone is,  why?  Why should they not fear being followed by a stranger with no insignia,  no uniform,  no badges, patches or other sign,  to show that he is not a person with criminal intentions? 

GZ’s failure to identify himself,  is probable cause of criminal intent!  Most especially since the law says it is conduct that he is prohibited from committing.  Because without any exchange of information to allay the fears of the person he pursued,  he is engaging in the crime of stalking.  Since he is committing a crime,  he has no claim to SYG or SD protections.

Here’s GZ’s 6 jail house phone calls


this is the best video/audio i’ve found on the jail tapes, and it’s by (my personal favorite)
Sanford Watch!

the first call is gz&sz. Their conversation starts with;
1. getting the pay pal password changed so sz can do the transfers.
and then gz quickly moves on to
2. his ‘meds’.

these are his top priorities.

Here’s a little taste of GZ’s violent past. And i mean just a LITTLE taste, because there’s so much more.

Later we’ll discuss and compare zimmerman’s criminal past with Trayvon Martin’s…Oh wait, Trayvon never had a criminal past!

Oh well, i guess we’re stuck with zimmerman’s past since he’s the one on trial for the violent murder of an unarmed minor who had no violent history at all.

BTW. I couldn’t help but notice as i read this *teeny tiny blurb* Orlando Sentinel- no doubt begrudgingly wrote, on one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of this case, Jeff Weiner couldn’t help but counter each accusation that GZ’s victim made with endless excuses on GZ’s behalf! It’s almost as if he had GZ on the phone while he was writing it!


Trayvon Martin: New details in George Zimmerman domestic-violence petitions

By Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel 7:33 p.m. EST, March 21, 2012
Newly available documents reveal conflicting accounts of a violent relationship in the past of George Zimmerman, the Sanford man who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month. The court records concern a conflict between Zimmerman and his ex-fiancée, who filed a petition accusing Zimmerman of pushing her during an argument at her Orlando home in August 2005.
The woman reported Zimmerman had arrived at her home Aug. 8 and asked to talk. Later, when she asked him to leave, she said, he insisted on staying and demanded documents she had. The woman said she offered to drop the papers off the following day, but Zimmerman became upset, took her cellphone and shoved her. A fight ensued, she said, and her dog bit Zimmerman’s cheek. Zimmerman filed his own petition the day after his ex-fiancée’s, in which he claimed that she had been the aggressor in the fight. He said she called him Aug. 8 and invited him to spend the night. He said he declined to stay overnight, and his ex accused him of leaving to see another woman or to “party” with his friends. Zimmerman accused the woman in his petition of cursing at and striking him, and said she refused to give him documents, including mortgage papers and car-loan documents, that belonged to him. He said she caused the wounds to his face that she blamed on her dog. Both Zimmerman and his ex-fiancée reported in their petitions that the fight wasn’t the first incident of violence between them. The ex-fiancée reported that Zimmerman had “open handed smacked” her in the mouth and berated her during an argument in January 2003. In November 2002, Zimmerman claimed his ex had assaulted him with a baseball bat after he went to a concert without her. The same month, the woman said, Zimmerman became angry when she came home later than usual one night. He began groping her and “said he could because I was his woman,” she wrote. Protective injunctions were later ordered in response to both petitions. Both injunctions expired Aug. 24, 2006. Reached by the Sentinel via email Tuesday, the woman would not comment.


Lonnie Starr said …


Lonnie Starr
January 7, 2013 at 8:59 am

Like everything else GZ says, this too is an obvious lie. We’re just entertaining ourselves by repeating it and wasting our time, theorizing “what if it were true?”. Obviously it isn’t true and it cannot be true. So, something else has to be true and we need to focus on what that could be.

GZ is a bar bouncer, a “muscle” for hire and a person with a history of violence! He is not afraid to engage total strangers with physical violence. He’s on record for attacking a LEO, without knowing who he was. He could, for example, have been attacking “Rambo” or “Rocky”, he didn’t know and he had no fear that this might be the case! So, then, what fear could he have had, of attacking a tall thin youth? The answer is, much, much less fear, than what he didn’t have, when attacking the stranger who turned out to be a LEO.

So, in summary, the only reasonable interpretation of the evidence is, Trayvon, who doesn’t engage in combat and does not disrespect adults, was scared and under the control of the vicious, violent and angry GZ, from the time they came close enough to make contact.

GZ grabbed Trayvon, since Trayvon was afraid of GZ, he would not try to grab GZ, but would try to get beyond GZ’s reach. If they fell to the ground, it was GZ’s doing that put them there. If Trayvon wasn’t pinned down, he would have tried to get up and run. If he didn’t get up and run away, it’s only because GZ prevented it.

There is no way to suppose that Trayvon was strong enough to prohibit or retard any motion GZ desired to make. There is no way that GZ was not strong enough to prohibit and retard any motion that Trayvon tried to make.

Martial artists have said that the person yelling is not fighting or has stopped fighting. While a person with a firearm has no reason to stop fighting and yell. Because, it is the purpose of the firearm to provide an offense or defense depending.

GZ is never confronted by TM with any weapon. TM never attempts to interfere with GZ’s actions, except to try to get away. Trayvon fails to get away from GZ and GZ decides to aim and fire his weapon. The shot taken reveals that GZ was holding TM with one hand, while he was operating his weapon with the other. That means that TM was not putting up any resistance at all, while GZ was taking aim and firing his weapon. Because, if TM was putting up any effective resistance at all, GZ could not have devoted one hand to holding onto Trayvon’s clothing. He would have needed that hand for defense.

Conclusion: GZ fired his weapon into the heart and lungs of a helpless child who was standing still in terrorized fear for his life.
As such, GZ should be removed from society as a menace, for as long as the law can provide.

Lonnie describes GZ’s mentality and murderous actions that night perfectly. I’ve come to these same conclusions too but i couldn’t explain it this well! So i wanted to document this for posterity.

There’s another point Lonnie makes about the fight and the screams and i’m going to ask him to post it here- unless i can find where he first wrote it on Prof.Leatherman’s blog. But it made so much sense to me and will to anyone else who doesn’t know the slightest about fighting. I really want the jury to understand this too.


Here is the post i was talking about..
Martial Artist explains why it CANNOT be zimmerman on the 911 calls begging and screaming for help, like his lying brother and fucking nasty father insist!! thank you Lonnie!

Francis and the young black corn?

Here’s Francis Taffee on Soledad O’Brien’s show as he expertly explains the technicalities of planting crops over in his ‘hood’. See Franny says his ‘hood’ has many, many fertile fields but way too many seeds to plant. So this is where Franny insists that gz steps up and gets busy on his “nightly rounds” and picks that extra corn right up!


Then there’s another interview where he tells us all what *Trayvon* should of done to avoid all this. Since you know, all gz was doing was picking corn?

anyway i’m sure we’ll be seeing this fucking asshole in court.

BTW.  this one is mixed with a couple other clips.