George Zimmerman has “Intestinal Fortitude”

Because he murdered 17yo Trayvon Martin

Thank you @HopeRipple1 for convincing me to watch it. I would’ve probably only listened to sound bites here and there without your encouragement. So here’s the video of zimmerman on skype around May 24, 2016. The interviewer does ZERO fact checking. As usual zimmerman is just ignorantly rambling on, half the time incoherently. But it wouldn’t matter because they never ask him anything of substance. It sounds like he gave them the questions and they pretended to care. I even kinda have a feeling he actually PAID THEM to do it! LMAO Because the “reporter” certainly didn’t invest a penny in the “production.” I mean he didn’t even get a full screen monitor! They have him on maybe a 10″ tablet streaming on slow shitty wifi! 

Among much much more antisocial, mentally unstable, incredibly stupid remarks, the first thing i noticed was that zimmerman’s all bitter because the 1st gun website removed his auction. So bitter, he goes on a weird rampage about how they’re selling NAZI memorabilia and telling their members to unsubscribe. But not just unsubscribe quietly, he wants them to email the gun website and really tell them about themselves- because George Zimmerman is butthurt! LMFAO But this is Zimmerman’s typical vengeful MO with anyone who’s ever known or dealt with him. Lots of us have differences with others and end our relationships and go our separate ways. But most of us don’t get the urge to post someone’s naked pics on twitter like zimmerman does.

Then he goes back to that hilarious, thoroughly debunked, story about saving the lives of an entire family! I’m George ZimmerMan and i saved a family of 4 from a turned over burning car!! REALLY?? STILL??

I’ll post them when i find the ACTUAL 911 calls which clearly describe the scene of a turned over car, but the passengers were uninjured and apparently exited the vehicle themselves. There was some minor engine smoke initially but definitely NOT a fire! And zimmerman did NOT save any fucking body! Says the immediate eyewitnesses! That were actually there. And did not know zimmerman at all, much less conspire to downplay the accident to 911 in a plot to steal his invented “thunder” made up in his small mind! There’s also video and/or articles that proved with phone records and facebook, that idiot police officer groupie bitch literally called zimmerman so he could try to be a hero! I believe he took a picture or something and got in trouble. So Zimmerman is lying again because he has nothing real to support his pathetic delusions of grandeur.

Zimmerman is also under the impression that BlackLivesMatter is his personal nemesis. Of course everyone that supports the truth, that blacklivesmatter, is gonna condemn the slob that murdered Trayvon. Duh. Zimmerman doesn’t understand that he’s irrelevant. That we care about Trayvon! It started because Trayvon. And it’s about the way police and legal system work. Which has nothing to do with Zimmerman, He’s not a cop or anyone of significance. He’s just a criminal that happened to benefit from the justice system, like some of the very worst often do. Think OJ, Casey Anthony, Robert Durst, what’s that famous guy who shot his wife outside in the car after dinner? No, zimmy, you’re just a common murderer. And we know murderers gonna murder. But BLM is kinda focused on what can be controlled, the police and legal system. They work for us and we can do things so the legal system isn’t protecting the murderers of Trayvon and Tamir Rice.




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Trayvon DollFace Martin


This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.


This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.

damn! i understand omar’s *slight hesitance* to accept this juror!LOL

But this guy has got it absolutely correct!
He has knowledge of Sanford’s rich history of institutional racism and corruption, then added the facts he knows of this case and used his own common sense.
His opinion is based on what zimmerman did and what the Sanford Police dept did and did not do about Trayvon’s death.

I Love him! He’s a fucking HERO!!!

Lonnie Starr: G. Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin

 I had to save another thoughtful message Lonnie posted the other day on Professor Leatherman’s blog.

 In this one I think Lonnie helps explain the bizarre story line Zimmerman’s lawyers will put forth at trial, in the hopes the six people who end up on the jury are stupid and senseless enough to believe is a reasonable excuse for the cold blooded murder of an innocent teenager.

Personally, I can’t imagine jurors will mistake this kind of mind fuckery as some sort of justification for Zimmerman. These people will understand the inherent danger Zimmerman represented as he jumped out of the car armed with a 9mm he had loaded to the max with those deadly hollow point bullets. These facts clearly point to Trayvon Martin as the sole victim. And that Trayvon Martin was the unfortunate one caught in that killer’s murderous path on the evening of February 26, 2012. And Trayvon Martin never had a chance.


Lonnie Starr says:

This is a teachable moment,  otherwise,  it matters not which way the defendant goes,  because the SP will be there to meet him with an overwhelming supply of incriminating,  rebuttal and impugning materials.  Much of it fashioned by no one other than the defendant himself,  in a foolish effort to further and forward a self serving story of innocence that he has continued to attempt to contrive.

But,  before GZ puts one word before a judge or jury in this case,  the one question he has not answered and requires an immediate answer is:  What was GZ doing,  and/or what had GZ done,  that would have indicated to anyone he showed an interest in,  that he was not either a criminal or a threat???  

GZ’s narrative shows that he knew that Trayvon knew,  that GZ was following him.

So,  GZ has now to explain to us and everyone else,  why Trayvon should not have thought of GZ as a potential threat.   It is not sufficient that in GZ’s mind Trayvon was a suspect and GZ was the NW’er.  Because if GZ cannot demonstrate how he advertised this idea,  then there is no way that any stranger,  would not see his actions as a serious threat.  It is a crime to take such actions,  in a public place,  that would cause another person or persons to fear for their safety.  One cannot cause others to fear for their safety,  and still claim to be acting within the law and/or exercising any rights that they have. 

GZ is attempting,  by saying “I was just going in the same direction as he was”,  to pretend that if Trayvon happened to be scared,  it was an unintended accident,  borne of misinterpreting  exactly what GZ was really doing. 

GZ is trying to say that he was viciously attacked,  while he was merely attempting to return to his truck.  Unfortunately for GZ,  the law doesn’t see it this way.  Once you cause someone to fear for their life,  by engaging in strange and/or threatening actions,  you cannot simply consider the effects “turned off” by some unilateral mental attempt to cease and desist.  Because actions that cannot be detected,  because they are not communicated,  cannot be allowed or permitted to have any bearing at all,  on the situation.   He cannot cause the threat he represented to go away,  simply because he mentally flips a switch inside his own head. 

So,  to be lawful,  GZ needs to show that he somehow published that he was not a criminal and/or that he was not a serious threat. 

GZ seems to feel that,  when he decides to follow some one,  they should immediately stop and wait for the police to arrive.  But what he doesn’t tell anyone is,  why?  Why should they not fear being followed by a stranger with no insignia,  no uniform,  no badges, patches or other sign,  to show that he is not a person with criminal intentions? 

GZ’s failure to identify himself,  is probable cause of criminal intent!  Most especially since the law says it is conduct that he is prohibited from committing.  Because without any exchange of information to allay the fears of the person he pursued,  he is engaging in the crime of stalking.  Since he is committing a crime,  he has no claim to SYG or SD protections.

Here’s GZ’s 6 jail house phone calls


this is the best video/audio i’ve found on the jail tapes, and it’s by (my personal favorite)
Sanford Watch!

the first call is gz&sz. Their conversation starts with;
1. getting the pay pal password changed so sz can do the transfers.
and then gz quickly moves on to
2. his ‘meds’.

these are his top priorities.