Here’s a peek into the Cess Pool of what the Zimmerman’s call a life.


This comment was made last night on one of the most vile of Trayvon hate sites I’ve encountered on the internet. Personally i have no problem believing in it’s authenticity because of some of the comments w/i the comment, not about the accusations against gz, i’m talking about some things referring to other websites and blogs. So take it as you will, but i believe it.

Here it goes:

  1. strat4evr says:
    The suggestion that any of these interviews have anything to do with being a part of her plea deal is ludicrous. The suggestion that Shellie want’s George murdered is beyond ludicrous and thank you Sharon for your comments regarding those accusations.
    Shellie was very specific in stating she did not believe George profiled TM and also that the evidence seemed to support the jury got it right. No-one, myself included ever believed George was anything but justified in his defense of that night and that includes all of Shellie’s family. That has been decided by a jury and that is the end of that, period.
    I do know why Shellie is upset and though I may not agree with her approach she is using now, I do tend to agree with some here she stuck herself with one lousy “almost comical lawyer”. Sundance sure got the alien nation reference right. Just how much influence this lawyer has is unknown to me. I don’t really care either.
    What I do know is George has made Shellie wear the entire “perjury” thing when he was as much a part of directing her as to that subject from when it was money in his account and now her being having to own that solely on her own and considered by many to be the one who has no credibility because she alone is the convicted liar is both shortsighted and not very well thought out. And Mark O’Mara was aware of that when George’s bond was revoked. I won’t even go into the passport issue. You all covered that very well, for those that remember.
    Furthermore, Shellie’s mother and youngest son moved out of their house to provide sanctuary for them and were actually homeless for a period of time. This is the home that you have referenced that yes was what most of my friends would consider a mansion.
    Because of Mark O’Maras, and Georges insistence the Dean family agreed to allow them to live there at a ridiculously low amount of money. Why would they do that? Shellie’s mother, that’s why. Make no mistake, I know what I am talking about.
    I read here a couple of months ago where someone stated they read somewhere that Shellie’s mother has drug issues. I have known her for over 35 years and never known her to have illegal drug issues. I believe I am right when I state she has never been arrested for any illegal drugs. As far as Shellie’s dads past that was posted on this site, well he wore it, did his ten years of probation and paid his fines and debts. He got through this and supported his kids with a good life never asking the state or anyone else for help. Because he doesn’t like that short period of his life to be his judgement I fully understand his desire to not want to be in the spotlight. I don’t agree with his handling of this but it is what it is.
    I have suggested and been trying to encourage Shellie’s Mom to write her story and post it here on this site rather than do the interview with Katie Courick who she has been requested among others but she seems to trust her.
    This whole idea that many here seem to think that interviews are based on money makes me wonder. Yes, shows like Dr. Phil and some others offer big money to go on their shows. Interviews on today shows with Matt Lauer or Good morning america with George Stepalapanous (however you spell it) or even the first interview with the girl writting the book that Shellie did. I don’t know what the arrangement with the network for her was but I do know if you think Shellie is getting rich off of these interviews and that is her motivation you obviously don’t get how this works.
    I believe Shellie was completely truthful when she said George left without her on his victory tour. And after he came back and Shellie was attempting to remove her belongings from her own parents house the public incident occurred.
    After this incident George was contacted not only through Mark O’Mara but also through family that owned the house and Shellie to please vacate for obvious reasons I would think.
    He refused and took an arrogant stance and from what I am learning now took a black magic marker and wrote on the kitchen cabinets. As this day I guess he has vacated and left no keys or garage door opener took the big screen tv that was there when he moved in, through out Shellies youngest brothers computer in the yard and left the house trashed. This is how he says thank you.
    And I am the one that stays in moderation because you obviously question me on all my posts?
    Justice for George Zimmerman on Facebook has banned me, Shellie’s mom. Shellie’s grandmother and all my kids and friends because all of them attacked them for calling Shellie a lying perjury convicted woman who they even called a b*****h, BTW, the grandmother is 75 years old. Catholic and as conservative as you can imagine.
    Said my piece and would rather do it here than anywhere else. God bless all……

8 thoughts on “Here’s a peek into the Cess Pool of what the Zimmerman’s call a life.

  1. Zimmerman fans are dividing between pro-Shellie and pro-George camps. Some don’t like that she called 911 and a camera captured him in an angry stance and destroying her iPad. Some are saying that she is an admitted liar — the same ones who made excuses for her and said she was innocent of perjury.

    It’s interesting watching George Zimmerman’s slow train wreck while at the same time, watching his camp divide.

    • I’m wondering why she’s so certain GZ DIDN’T profile Trayvon but she’s not so certain he actually murdered Trayvon? You think she’s still hanging on a dream of winning lawsuit against NBC? Because I think they are just that arrogantly ignorant to believe there’s chance!? Some zimmerlovers are still dreaming abt it. So she at least keeps the racism/profiling part out of the story for the sake of the lawsuit! And she probably thinks the CivilRights violations are based strictly on the racial profiling part, so if he didn’t racially profile Trayvon he’s home free! Again! But she’s still covering up for him just like she did before, except this time she’s letting some of the details come out.

      • I’m wondering why she’s so certain GZ DIDN’T profile Trayvon but she’s not so certain he actually murdered Trayvon?

        For the same reason she profiled a loose pit bull that didn’t bite anyone, but justified her buying a gun for George to shoot it. What she fears, she profiles but her fear doesn’t allow her to use the word “profile.”

        You think she’s still hanging on a dream of winning lawsuit against NBC?

        Dream is right, because George has no damages.

      • Shannon, I think what she means is he didn’t profile Trayvon due to race but he just hates everyone equally.

      • I sure don’t believe he hates everyone equally.. There’s a reason he constantly harasses ethnic ppl and I believe he feels superior. He’s a little man with a chip on his shoulder and he’s a little bitch about anything that bothers him and i tend to believe he’s very verbal about his bigotry so Shellie knows. Just like his cousin knows. He may try to behave more sophisticated around Shellie but he’s gonna say shit about the black kids or guys he has issues with. He’s gonna brag about how he’s so giving & concerned about the ‘poor’ blacks. He it did in jail when he acted like he wanted to give the other prisoners nice cozy socks like he was so fortunate to have because of the grands pouring into his begsite. Even tho he never did anything!

  2. I totally believe it. He is incapable of any feeling for anyone. Retribution for anyone crossing him is exactly his only genuine feeling. I hope he did destroy property because they can charge him but it will be dangerous for them. And my advice, which I have said, is leave as quietly and softly as possible. He will kill anyone who crosses him. If they read this, please know this man will harm you as quickly as a normal person swats a fly and he doesn’t seem to possess the capacity to understand there is a limit to what he can get away with or the sense to lay low and plan his evil act. Stupid coupled with mean is the most dangerous possible combination in a human and is actually very rare.

    He shot a teen who was begging for his life and for no reason whatsoever…just got in his way and he felt so little feeling, his blood pressure was completely normal 10 minutes later.

    He was found not guilty and showed,,again, no feeling, no joy, no gratitude. Gave his room key to that old man, West, who seemed to feel real happiness.

    How many times has he had some interaction with the cops in less than 3 months, 5? Maybe he wants suicide by cop and will set up that to happen. When they finally do arrest him, they need to be sure it’s not a charge he can quickly bond out on.

    • Man! stupid and mean! Yes! and he’s still having his way and laughing in everyone’s face! He’s leaching off anyone he can because he feels entitled to. In fact he’s also entitled to anything he wants, the state of Florida said so!

  3. Hi Shannon, Hi all the warriors for justice still waiting for it to present itself. Shannon I am in the process of getting my blog up, but I think you will like this walk I recently took with the aid of Google street view. Can I upload some pics I have taken? It is illuminating to say the least.
    I know how you feel when you see the POS and I was of that feeling. Since I was looking for Shellie as some one had suggested, I only made a mental note of the guy with the baseball on. A year later I watched from the beginning which is approx. at 6:00. Then I saw that POS. Audio had been added but the dude with the Charlie Brown hat stood out to me. I also believe once the audio was in I heard Shellie at approx. 6:15 in the video. It is clear to me that Trayvon was feeling hinky and looked outside before trying to leave the store which is why he went back in the store he looks to his right as if looking for another way out. He feels something and you can see it in his demeanor.
    One last thing for that bitch Shellie don’t act like the fucking victim, you do not know what he is capable of?????????????????really really well ask one of us or the rest of the United States, you will not get sympathy here I think the Feds are on your fat ass. Good riddance we can literally hear you on those NEN calls, you can lie your ass off but trust me your day is coming and it does not look bright. I got that out of my system. What a sick bitch we know he murdered in cold blood Trayvon Benjamin Martin, cut her mic already. Shellie tell the truth or vanish we know george didn’t pay for that makeover and the absolute audacity to take it from network to network….sick.

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