Lonnie Starr: G. Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin

 I had to save another thoughtful message Lonnie posted the other day on Professor Leatherman’s blog.

 In this one I think Lonnie helps explain the bizarre story line Zimmerman’s lawyers will put forth at trial, in the hopes the six people who end up on the jury are stupid and senseless enough to believe is a reasonable excuse for the cold blooded murder of an innocent teenager.

Personally, I can’t imagine jurors will mistake this kind of mind fuckery as some sort of justification for Zimmerman. These people will understand the inherent danger Zimmerman represented as he jumped out of the car armed with a 9mm he had loaded to the max with those deadly hollow point bullets. These facts clearly point to Trayvon Martin as the sole victim. And that Trayvon Martin was the unfortunate one caught in that killer’s murderous path on the evening of February 26, 2012. And Trayvon Martin never had a chance.


Lonnie Starr says:

This is a teachable moment,  otherwise,  it matters not which way the defendant goes,  because the SP will be there to meet him with an overwhelming supply of incriminating,  rebuttal and impugning materials.  Much of it fashioned by no one other than the defendant himself,  in a foolish effort to further and forward a self serving story of innocence that he has continued to attempt to contrive.

But,  before GZ puts one word before a judge or jury in this case,  the one question he has not answered and requires an immediate answer is:  What was GZ doing,  and/or what had GZ done,  that would have indicated to anyone he showed an interest in,  that he was not either a criminal or a threat???  

GZ’s narrative shows that he knew that Trayvon knew,  that GZ was following him.

So,  GZ has now to explain to us and everyone else,  why Trayvon should not have thought of GZ as a potential threat.   It is not sufficient that in GZ’s mind Trayvon was a suspect and GZ was the NW’er.  Because if GZ cannot demonstrate how he advertised this idea,  then there is no way that any stranger,  would not see his actions as a serious threat.  It is a crime to take such actions,  in a public place,  that would cause another person or persons to fear for their safety.  One cannot cause others to fear for their safety,  and still claim to be acting within the law and/or exercising any rights that they have. 

GZ is attempting,  by saying “I was just going in the same direction as he was”,  to pretend that if Trayvon happened to be scared,  it was an unintended accident,  borne of misinterpreting  exactly what GZ was really doing. 

GZ is trying to say that he was viciously attacked,  while he was merely attempting to return to his truck.  Unfortunately for GZ,  the law doesn’t see it this way.  Once you cause someone to fear for their life,  by engaging in strange and/or threatening actions,  you cannot simply consider the effects “turned off” by some unilateral mental attempt to cease and desist.  Because actions that cannot be detected,  because they are not communicated,  cannot be allowed or permitted to have any bearing at all,  on the situation.   He cannot cause the threat he represented to go away,  simply because he mentally flips a switch inside his own head. 

So,  to be lawful,  GZ needs to show that he somehow published that he was not a criminal and/or that he was not a serious threat. 

GZ seems to feel that,  when he decides to follow some one,  they should immediately stop and wait for the police to arrive.  But what he doesn’t tell anyone is,  why?  Why should they not fear being followed by a stranger with no insignia,  no uniform,  no badges, patches or other sign,  to show that he is not a person with criminal intentions? 

GZ’s failure to identify himself,  is probable cause of criminal intent!  Most especially since the law says it is conduct that he is prohibited from committing.  Because without any exchange of information to allay the fears of the person he pursued,  he is engaging in the crime of stalking.  Since he is committing a crime,  he has no claim to SYG or SD protections.

9 thoughts on “Lonnie Starr: G. Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin

  1. Thanks Shannon.

    Let me ask: “Why follow anyone?” Knowing that you have no authority to do so? Knowing that if they decide to defend themselves from you, you will have no claim at law?

    Oh yes, GZ will claim that after he had secretly decided to stop following Trayvon, Trayvon attacked him. GZ intends to show horrific wounds and copious bleeding as evidence of a brutal life threatening attack. Only one problem to such a claim remains: How did his supposed/claimed assailant keep any trace of blood, dna or other proof of contact from being discovered? Because without a credible explanation therefore, these claimed events must never have happened.
    This would not be the first time a person has attempted to lie to avoid a heavy sentence.

  2. About George not being in a uniform no badges……..that was because their were no Sanford Police uniforms at the dry cleaners they broke into earlier. I trust jury’s every time. I trust their right to not get it or have a hold out to a verdict, but these impostor attorneys of George’s don’t seem to understand if they can’t reach a verdict they hang, a mistrial. To be tried again. Tried again.

    • Hey sheila I’m missing my messages!! Anyway so yesterday I met with an old friend and he fucking flat out stated in an arrogant tone, with this unrecognizable look in his eyes (that shook me really) he “thinks” GZ was attacked!!! The only thing he was able to utter before I went ballistic was about the picture! Have you seen the picture?! Wtf?!?
      Let me say I wasn’t just mad, it didn’t just piss me off.. I literally CRIED!! I don’t understand how this could hurt my feelings SOOO Fucking bad! But this was a deeply respected much older professional whom I’ve sought advice for years! I’ve known him 2x as long as I’ve known anyone on earth! I’ve known him longer than I knew my mom or my best friend. 15 years& 19 years respectively. I haven’t called him today because I’m not ready to be civil yet. It’s like I have no patience for an uneducated uninformed opinion that’s so strong like that. Who does that?!? And before he said it we were already arguing about how much ‘we’ both knew about the case. I said trust me I know WAY MORE than you. I’ve been looking at evidence since may of last year, for HOURS DAILY! But he still had the nerve to say he thinks he knows what happened?!?!!

      So then My like minded and INFORMED friends pointed out the obvious – he was not going to be on the jury. And he did not know everything WE know. So I feel a bit better now but ya know, it’s disturbing.

      Anyway I don’t handle betrayal very well. And it feels like that. I may do what Malisha has done and sit down and explain the facts and see if that changes his mind. Because I swear I can’t deal with ANYONE that does not support Trayvon Martin the minor child who was shot with a single hollow point bullet in the heart while he screamed for his mother! That is an undisputed fucking fact!

      Ok anyway I’m trying to post more pictures of Tray and get an audio of witness 9 up so ill be around for awhile!! It takes forever to find pics on my mess of folders and then figure out how to post them here!!!! Lolol

      • Hi my friend!
        How do you fight ignorance? I still don’t know Shannon. Look into your heart and see Trayvon his parents and the love encircling them. It is a truly awesome feeling. In light of the truly offensive people who write like they are completely up their asses in finding a post…..they are so bad everyone sees it. They are so fucking obvious it hurts. You are a true blue friend of the Martin’s believe me it is true. I have loved your posts for the longest time. I also want you to know you have a huge place in my heart because my daughters name was Shannon. I see her in all your outrage, it is amazing please keep yelling I will second that emotion through all you post!

  3. didn’t your daughter die in a crash? I remember from OS and then I knew you were like me. we who have lost someone are a different breed. we empathize so much with other’s losses that it starts to become ours in a way. and it’s even harder to hear people talk about, for example Trayvon
    ( well I’ve never actually heard anyone talk about a dead victim like that in my life ) in such a filthy way! I think that’s another reason we BOTH have vicious tempers too!! don’t you?
    what piece’s of shit they are! I hope they lose someone in the same way and people talk about their loved one like that!! I really think that would be fitting punishment, unless they are less human and wouldn’t get upset by those kinds of things.

    Sheila i’d love to talk to you about our loses. I’ve never spoken to a mother who lost their daughter, and I can think of so many questions to ask about what you think about your daughter… you know? like your feelings you had before while she was born and throughout her life and then after she’s gone. I hope i’m not upsetting you by talking about this. if you’re uncomfortable i’ll totally understand and please excuse me, I know I can be brash and indelicate sometimes.
    my phone doesn’t charge for long distance so if that’s better.


    • Hello Shannon,
      I don’t have any problem writing about my daughter. Seems fitting somehow. I think Trayvon and the insane clown posse of Z support make me absolutely nauseous. There just are no words for these bizarre assholes, and I shamelessly had to take a peek at the masters of 8th grade dropouts at the treehouse just to get a glimpse into what hillbilly hell looks like. Shannon what the hell is with the “cracka”…crap. I do not know what the hell a cracka is living in Hawaii all my life. Can you clue me in on that? I get the idea it’s a derogatory term so why would these weasels embrace the term and use it in descriptions of themselves and such (yikes). That freak Sundance is ….hard to understand what the hell he/she thinks they are, clearly illiterate. But their little manifesto seems to have them believing they are controlling the airwaves, the morally corrupt lawyers of fuck face, and let me put it this way I see a resemblance in Stutzman and pops Z Sr. that makes me feel they are kin, deliverance rejects. Other terminology they use is a constant referral to cockatoo’s, crickets etc. Windtalkers they are not. Then the crap about Noah “Caraker ” I am supposed to believe is the former HOA prez who lives (allegedly) at 2861 RVC. It just is too much for the mind. And this idea they can lure Dershowitz into…what?? Outstanding fuck up is Alan’s middle name. I hate that idiot. He is a shame to the human race. AS for his abilities at lawyering….wow can he get a day job…apparently not. He opens his mouth and I pass out from boredom. These idiots do not have a clue as to what an attorney is because they think they are legal eagles and Jorge is wearing a robe but it is white not black. I saw them actually threaten Judge Nelson with sniper-like ideas. I have not seen a real defense attorney since Gerry Spence. Oh I am ranting shit. Sorry I am scattered today I believe that small dip into the cth shithole affected my IQ, But I will pull it together and come back to tell you about my kid, I am still reeling from their outrageousness

      • Well I just passed by HP to read their piece and accidentally caught a whiff of the comments! It’s also sickening. And someone is using Prof’s name and shit so there’s that!
        And please I have no idea wtf cracker is except I’ve heard it used in kid rock songs! I don’t wanna think about those two in the same sentence.

        Yep it’s just getting more absurd now that the zimmerlovers are realizing Nelson isn’t handing out any favors. I think court hearing are pretty much the most satisfying events now. I love to hear those denials! Makes things a little more hopeful. But ever since my friend said his shit I’ve been kinda nervous.

        Then I talked to two of my door dudes in the building. And we’ve had a few chats early on. But now one says he actually knew Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!! And I won’t discuss what he said here but it was pretty annoying. And it really doesn’t have to do with this murder but its an attack on tracy’s character that could be used to do more disparaging banter.

        I’m tired. Can’t wait till this fuckin pos is getting fucked in prison everyday. The world will be a better place.

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Do not be worried about this case or any opinions referring to photo shopped dipped his nose in blood pics. The photo of the bloody nose is altered by an open source photo editing program called “Gimp”, the alteration of that photo was 12-3-12. Which eliminates the cop from the equation. Have you got the feeling George writes those motions? BDLR at the last hearing eluded to some hanky panky when he said to O’Mara “I didn’t type anything in, or alter anything, it is from your web page” I snickered. Also at the last hearing 2-5-13 as MOM was reading Bernie jumped up and helped the guy when he had gotten to a page and exclaimed “I can’t even read what is here!” Yes Mark it is a pain in the ass when you see lengthy motions you may not have written.
    I hate giving the treehouse any new ideas to overcome but here is a taste of what I believe is going to be brought out at trial….The 7-11 video has been out there for the better part of a year……Trayvon enters the store at approx. 6:21, but I think the interesting parts of this VID which begins at around 6PM shows a few interesting folks in the store. If you revisit this listen to the audio without trying to sync it to the VID I think you will hear some some familiar voices too Shannon. If you then watch without the audio Shannon watch and look from the 6:00 to 6:27 minus the south park dude and his friends….Let me know…….I think you will be as pissed and amazed as I.
    Also I wish people would actually tell the truth as to Serino’s interview…(interrogation) of dum dum. In part 1 you know he is slapping down horrifying photos of Trayvon shot with his eyes rolled back a tear on his cheek and saliva coming of of the poor kids mouth in front of the idiot. He is looking for a reaction he knows he is not going to get. But in part 3 he pulls the idiot out to his desk and surrounds Z with Singleton a few other ladies…one of which named Brandy (snicker) and hits play…….stops the tape “Real suspicious guy…whats behind that?” Continue through the 3rd part because I believe the reason he has him at his desk out in the open is for him to be put out in front of his buddy Osterman, and throw him off his game (as if he had game which he does not) Hence down the road less traveled the Z folks want to say that black/white photo is of Tracy/Brandy arriving at the Police Station…..it is not. But the story is rewritten by Z that Tracy is played the 911 tape and when asked if that is his son screaming in terror…..Tracy shakes his head no…..bullshit….liars never venture past what the know……I believe the photo is from the clubhouse that corridor is just way too familiar.

  5. Wow I hope I don’t repeat myself here but I hit a wrong button and vanish my post went…….I also get annoyed when the recorded facts in this case are turned word wise upside down. NEN call after he jumps out of the car and is running huffing and puffing he is asked “Are you following him”? Because it is obvious to this cop that is what he is hearing….any reasonable person hears this too…….George says “Yeah”…and he is told “We DON’T need you to do that”! Yet I constantly see this exchange posted as “You DON’T need to do that”!! See the semantics…We don’t …need you to do that becomes a peer to peer you don’t need to do that….I don’t understand when a poster who claims to be a Trayvon supporter minces words to this effect. I have been obsessed about this case early on perhaps because I lost my daughter and the absolute shocking evil murder of Trayvon just pierced my heart.
    I lost my daughter in 2008 Shannon…on Mother’s Day. Can you imagine? She was not 17 but a successful 30 year old who was a Music Buyer for a Leading National Music chain. She was the Jazz Music Buyer and has gold records for Diana Krall she promoted Oscar Peterson and so many others. She exclusively became the Hawaiian Music Buyer and I have framed gold records in my home of her part in the sales of Kealii Reichel….and I have the gold record that was presented to her for being instrumental in the 1,000.000 records sold of Israel Kamakaiwaole’s “Over The Rainbow”. fondly known as IZ, who was our State Treasure really and when he died in 1997 he laid in State here at The State Capitol. She was wickedly funny my pride and joy. just born special special special. In 2003 I spent a year in Michigan to be there as she rose in her status as their new Hawaiian Music Buyer…..she was instrumental in bringing Hawaiian Music to the Grammy’s was quoted often in Billboard Magazine. Every concert she was invited back stage and we were in Comerica Park in September 2003 as we danced in the stadium for hours while Bruce Springsteen rocked them for 4 hours!! It is a loss I have that leaves me empty and in complete mourning since that awful day. I was back in the islands and she had a car accident in California I just can’t tell you how it still takes my breath away. I am crying as I write this. I brought her home and Shannon the funeral was standing room only people from all over the States came. IZ’s record label had all their representatives there it was such a loss for so many she was close to and all whose lives she had touched. Her boyfriend still works at Capital Records and has never recovered like me. Thank you for asking about her. I could go on and on but it just is so painful this is really the first time I have told anyone these painful things. She would have been outraged at what happened to Trayvon because we do not see black here we would have called him “local” because we have all colors of the rainbow here.

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