This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.

This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.

damn! i understand omar’s *slight hesitance* to accept this juror!LOL

But this guy has got it absolutely correct!
He has knowledge of Sanford’s rich history of institutional racism and corruption, then added the facts he knows of this case and used his own common sense.
His opinion is based on what zimmerman did and what the Sanford Police dept did and did not do about Trayvon’s death.

I Love him! He’s a fucking HERO!!!

6 thoughts on “This is the post by the juror yesterday who was released.

  1. Hello Shannon, I did not watch the voir dire until Bernie took the floor on the 19th. I kept tv on mute HLN is full of shit. I hold Vinnie as a sell out bastard who sold Trayvon out with their after dark crap, should be in the dark. I know nothing about this juror. I don’t really care but find O’Mara must have a crystal ball on the names and info on pjs. Is his source Facebook? Interesting to find that answer. I would take all 40 after the day of delayed Real Court performance of a Master Prosecutor made 40 individuals comfortable relaxed and I listened to the entire 40 change into human beings who respected and felt the real way a jury should feel. Please know this jury was seated on Shannon’s Birthday. I felt it was coming so strongly it brought me to my knees. I am about to post in the next day a verbal catharsis of epic length and truth just wanted you to know you are my Shannon and the things I have to say is not inclusive of you, you were a beacon of light I thank you for it. Cherish it. 6 woman they can be any color they want, they are woman. I am I supposedly labeled “White” half Portuguese my Mom was 100 %. I am the most pissed off W/F out here so they train is coming. Love ya, The freaky I hate you gang better run back to their mommies single wide corrugated carport offices.

    • i’m so pissed i can’t even think! it’s like the whole case is crumbling down. 1st an all white jury of women.( i keep noticing on the FUCKING RIDICULOUS hln jury it’s usually it’s the older white women who seem to be the biggest zimmerlovers) and now the judges ruling the experts can’t testify!
      i don’t know what to think anymore.
      it’s very clear there’s alot of racism in sanford and two of the jurors said things like why was Trayvon out getting candy at night? that is not what a normal unbiased person would’s not something that most ppl would even think of?!! it’s only because that person was more inclined to believe that child *black child* was up to no good, just like the killer did!!

      i don’t know Shelia what i will do if this jury walks that POS. i don’t know if i can stand it! especially since it’s a racial thing! if it wasn’t a racial thing i don’t believe i would be so concerned. but since the case has had this racial thing going on and i’ve had to learn how bad the racism is still my world view has been tainted!! this can’t go on! i can’t stand the thought ppl would allow some pos to kill a black kid and get away with it! NO!!!! NO FUCKING WAY!!!

      this case has changed my life and i can’t allow myself to go back to the ignorant bliss i was in a year ago. i can’t. and i won’t. but i need a light at the end of the tunnel to lead me in the right direction. with out hope how do we move further? omg this just sucks. i hope JNelson is playing fair. she has to be fair!!!!!!!!!

      • I wanted to let you know it is going to be fine. It is really going to be fine. It is racial it is all those things. But the jury will be amazing. It will. The jury was from my Shannon on her birthday had she lived. There are no coincidences I started sobbing and knew this is our jury. This jury was sent to us from heaven Shannon. I am white and I am sure as the sun will rise each day that George Zimmerman is going to be convicted of Murder 2. It will be quickly and it will be. It came from Heaven Shannon. I am as you are this has taken up my life for all this time. I felt it as it happened it will be the jury who will convict him. They are colorless they are women. We bear children, women are his mortal enemies. We bear children. Judge Nelson is brilliant, Bernie is brilliant. They are going to give us the right verdict I promise you. I never felt anything this strong in my life. It was the start of something so amazing it was a moment of complete clarity. I have been mourning my girl without being able to mourn. I have been blocking out the truth of her leaving this world for 5 years. The flood gates opened on her birthday and for the 1st time since she died I felt her and dreamed about her the last 2 nights. Have you any doubt that you were sent to me as well? The courtroom was set up as Shannon wanted it to be. The defense table was set up not for Georges uncomfortable inability to look at the family. It was set up for the jury to be able to be next to the Martins. It is going to be epic girl. I believe he is guilty of murder 1, but had she charged him he would have fled and Peru does not extradite back if the case is a death penalty case. He is not Peruvian the mother is not Peruvian Shannon she is Filipino. My boyfriend and I were astounded when we saw her. The grandmother was in that courtroom. She does not have Alzheimer. I promise you this is our jury ok!! I went over all the printouts I have which started on 3-9-12. George is that guy in 7-11 there are many more in the 7-11 and Trayvon felt it too. He was trying to find a way out besides the front door he felt it he felt it. I am sending you aloha and love. We are going to witness justice in this court room Shellie is ready to find a better life did you see her? She looks great not for George she looks great because she is almost rid of him. OXOXOXOX

      • I read your comment if I am posting yet another about this hope you understand I left you a song in spirit of your recent domestic drama. remember to listen you wont be able to get through the 5th line. Now think of Zimmerman and sing it with an extra dose of arsenic. They recovered greatly after that shit and those school records will come in and you the jury , no one will be able to divert their eyes again anymore. Aloha my other Shannon… from Hawaii with love!

      • Hey Sheila! I cant really get into WordPress bc I’ve been having issues with Internet. I only have my phone for a few more days.
        Anyway I also realized I never posted my response to a post you wrote me like a week ago! But at least I still have it tho cause I wrote it in my email so I wouldn’t lose it!! Lolo just forgot to bring here!

        Remember what you said about the jury and Shannon? WellP i know now too and she did an awesome job:) I’m so glad you shared that with me.
        I’ll check back tomorrow while I watch the trial on hln since i can’t stand watching on my tiny phone. Xoxo s

  2. Shannon I am assuming you believe I should allow those that are opposite thinking to continue I will. Got it. I am so heartbroken right now, Please tell Fred Leatherman that I have apologized and have boxes of real evidence I have kept over a year. Thank you for remaining a devout friend.

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